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Your manager at work is extremely impressed with your computer skills since you took a computer course. The company is installing computers in its production facility, and she has asked you to create a brief PowerPoint presentation that shows tips for working in the new software. Specifically, she wants the layout and topics for the presentation to be organized as shown below.

  • Slide 1: Include a title slide.
  • Slide 2: Describe the basics of computer software and what software does.
  • Slides 3–4: Describe basic functions and techniques that will be used when creating and editing documents in Microsoft Word.
  • Slides 5–6: Provide what you think are the top tips for creating aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Slide 7: Outline the basics of opening a blank workbook and using Formulas to work with data in Microsoft Excel.
  • Slide 8: Discuss some basic features of Microsoft Access (e.g., tables, queries, forms) and how employees might utilize this software to track production.
  • Slide 9: Include a reference slide.

Not all of your information will be presented on the slides. You are required to use the Notes function to add information to further explain the material on your slides. Your presentation must use at least one outside resource. Be sure to cite any sources used in the slides, and include a reference slide using proper APA formatting.

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Computer Installation

Basics of Computer Software
 Without a software , the hardware becomes a useless


 The software component incorporates data and

associated set of instructions that carry out tasks as per
user directions (West, 2020).

 There are two categories of software:
The application software
The system software
 The application software is mainly user task oriented

 System software enables computers to conduct essential
operating jobs.

Basic Functions used in Microsoft Word
 There are three basic functions involved in

the creation and editing of Microsoft
Word documents. They include:
Creating a document
Formatting a document
Saving a document, and
Printing it

Techniques of used in Microsoft Word
 Copy, Cut and paste which can be

performed using the keyboard shortcuts
as well as the long process of highlighting
the text to be copied or cut, right clicking
the mouse to access options and finally
execute the paste.
Saving and printing word document
Deleting a word document in its entirety
Undo and redo
Using keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + K, to
insert links into a document
Searching, Finding and Replacing words
and text

Tips for Creating a Pleasing PPT
To come up ...

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