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Read below student posts and reply to each in 150 words. Pavan-As an IT manager it is very important to use visually appealing tools & techniques to attract the attention of data to the business users and leadership team. The statistics and math done behind scenes can articulated in form of visuals in dashboard that can assist the users to make meaningful and profitable decisions. Geographic information system:Geographic information system (GIS) is management system that helps the users capture, analyze and present the spatial information on a map. GIS can be used by each industry to understand their segment of customers & map them out. For example a retail companies can use to understand existing customer network or assist in further enhance business development if route optimization are deployed. The recent development in 3D mapping provides a further enhanced visual that also query the data base and provide results. GIS gives users a complete freedom of exploring the data source at the final end process of deriving the profit margin and also gives flexibility to compare and evaluate the best options for the decision process of the organization. GIS also has other option like views the terrain, roads, buildings, the real time traffic movement data etc that can benefit the logistics planning process. In my current positon I used GIS in tableau dashboard to present the views of customers with the distribution centers, and outlets that were cancelling their orders when individual states were ordering shutdown due the Pandemic in March. This view built by me gave the sales manager & leadership teams a clear perspective in understanding the customer patterns and drove us in pivoting our execution strategy model. There by being more proactive and not building up excess inventory. Visualization Visualization is technique where the users can see data is presented in a graphical format to that could build up a story & identify the outliers in the dashboards. Visualizations can be in form of line graphs, bar graphs, heat maps, dendrogram etc. A strong mathematical data representation can be presented with actual fields and calculations along with an appropriate graphs to help the business users take their decisions. There are several visualization tools available such as Tableau, Qlikview, Qliksense that have their own unique feature that caters to customer requirements. Visualization tools can connect various databases in providing a senseless automated solution, customized subscriptions to individual user to have periodic alerts. Abhishek-Data visualization and Geographic information systems: The Health organization of the world states that an approximate of 87 percent of population in the world doesn’t have clean air with the lack of air pollution most the productivity lost has accord as per 2016 estimated USD 250 billion. In this discussion I would describe about effective uses of Big data in in health and product driven organizations. It mainly focuses on the several diseases and effected to disability people and scientific researches suggestions effective. To gain the access control on lets us choose one major crowded state as California is one of the most developed and rapidly growing cities in the world the data stages contains more than three million historical records that has been managed by the government organizations an other analysis will be provided on geographic information system which visualize the demographics of the major cities (Williams, Robert 2015). There are many well repeated governments companies where the company employs need to monitor the challenges of air pollution the limits the high cost to the government the researched out come is that by analyzing data using different domains with big data on smart cities to monitor the operational way results to high increase in the volume of big data with the available technologies in market data stats and geographical information usage can collecting most relevant information and make decision which can be enabled to different stake holders consumes data from the provided datasets and host the necessary actions (R. F. Tomlinson 2018). The final out comes where research has concluded as following the true value of data visualization using big data as platform, we can generate satisfices base one geographic systems technology support the corporate system to make investment in right area of geographical locations by which companies can gain profits help to people as needed (Stefan Hahmann 2012). Priyanka-Data visualization is the presentation of facts in a pictorial or graphical layout. It permits decisionmakers to see analytics presented visually, to grasp complicated ideas, or discover new styles. Data visualization helps both customers and financial institutions make better decisions by intuitively submitting the data. Personal financial dashboards help customers keep track of expenses and plan finances. It allows you to strengthen your communication; whether offering extra readability or supporting your argument helps you efficiently communicate at every stage of your company and enables your viewer to make better-informed selections. Web-traffic dashboards help financial organizations track vital metrics such as the source of the traffic coming onto their websites, the fallout rate, and pages visited. For each type of analysis, we can use appropriate charts to make the message clear and understandable. (Mattia, A. (2017)). Data visualization can be clear representation and credibility, increase target market engagement, and increase your message’s impact on your target audience. Let us dig into when it makes experience to apply it. Statistics visualization has been gradually taking a crucial function in the decision-making manner. While improving selection making at government degrees, statistics visualization is also helping to make bigger the attain of analytics at some point of a corporation. Therefore, the data visualization process is an increasingly relevant aspect of business intelligence tool set. (Blankley, A. (2018)). Visualization Best Practices communicating IT information to other teams: Some of the best practices in Data Visualization are being too subtle in terms of colors used can take the critical message away. We must understand that the audience may be printing the slides in black-and-white. Graphs communicate visually, and this can create unintended confusion too. Designing and building the appropriate visualizations and graphs helps our stakeholders and Domains make the right decision for the business and rely on the analytics platform. From an analytics perspective, data visualization needs to be able to offer: · A simplified view for understanding and explanation · Exploration of new potential opportunities · Indication of appropriate action Venkata-IT Information Communication The core component of a successful business organization is the effective perception of successful information transmission through all its business verticals. Communications effects the people involved and the policies followed. Presence of a disconnection between the central systems and the methods followed by the branches of the organization is not conducive to the Business-IT alignment. The groups ware also known as the tools for communication should be succinctly classified. The decrease in the quality of communication is a major area of concern and subsequent loss in the quality of coordination. Tasks which are not routine in nature and have a high degree of sophistication in a virtual scenario should have the features of rich processing of information. Optimal communication strategies result in higher productivity and when the organization is in diverse geography, this becomes more the important. The directional nature of the work as well as the associated frequency can be related to effective task communication capability. The feedback quality determines the capacity of information passage in a medium of communication. Since the quality of the communication has a positive effect on the overall effect of the organization. To determine if there is proper communication, a test can devised if it matches the necessary medium to which the complexity of communication is associated. The ease of communication among workers who are present in a distributed geography should also be taken into account. The extent of communication match and its emphasis can be known by how the present technologies are perceived.Communication technology can be best used for coordinating tasks and for the proper aggregation of the business outcomes. The technological quality of support and various processes of virtual nature determine the efficacy of a proper communication protocol. The characteristics of the task need to be taken into account in determining the optimal communication method. IT managers should allow for information passage through a multiple channel framework. Automated work flow is also one of the key areas where quality of communicated is a priority (Geoff, 2011, p. 5). Methodologies that can be applied by IT Department are: 1) Deduction where we start with the end results of the research and at the end the outcome decision is explained. 2) The second method is Induction. This part comprises of giving the end outcome at the last stage of the presentation. By effective communication by the IT manager, better response to unexpected situations and evolution of decision making in dynamic areas. One example where performance management visualization has reaped benefits is for the centralization of monetary data that was derived from different resources. A major barrier was removed by giving analysis to the end users (Heng, 2003, p. 7). Some effective communication strategies are, 1) Drastic reduction in time and spent energy happens when data is collected from a variety of sources results in better communication. 2) The capability to mash up data from different fields that were not modeled prior to the present moment should be provided to the users. 3) Proper resolution of sophisticated queries with drag and drop tools. 4) Exchange of knowledge and easy customization is seen as an ideal mechanism in the communication protocols of the company. 5) Encouraged of employees to bring their own devices so that they can have an efficient look at the data and the presence of requisite apps that support the data presentation. The method of representation has to appeal to the aesthetic nature and data visualization exactly provides this advantage over the more mundane methods. Information is understood clearly by data visualization. The functional quality of the data that is to be represented must assume the highest priority. Business dashboards and mash up of enterprise and tools with interactive reporting is the key to the data visualization strategies (Julia, 2016, p. 8). HimajaNonverbal communication is a procedure of creating importance utilizing conduct other than words. In our regular daily existences, nonverbal communication gets less consideration than verbal correspondence. Nonverbal conduct will help in passing on the importance and data to others, so we must control our activities and act in great way in gatherings. There are numerous nonverbal communications like outward appearance, motions, pitch, eye to eye connection, physical appearance, body developments. (Mahmud, M. 2014). I truly love watching individuals that caused me great to comprehend of things. At the point when I am going in a transport, I watched an old individual wearing design garments, goggles, and stripes pants. I wonder that individuals at the age are indicating enthusiasm for those sorts of garments and styles. In view of my perception I feel that he was resigned representative and he gets a kick out of the chance to travel a great deal. Also, he needs to spend is rest of his existence with bliss by voyaging better places. I watched for 2 hours and found that he loves to fish and chips a great deal as inside 2-hour length he ate 3. After at some point, I thought of conversing with him since I need to know whether my suppositions are right or not. At that point I converse with him and addressed him, and he said he is setting off to his companion house and every one of them are old. At that point I stunned promptly for a second and afterward I understood. Being aware of each nonverbal and verbal message will gracefully you a huge edge. The human face is expressive, arranged to avoid on incalculable contemplation other than articulating a word. Nonverbal communication includes a ton to how one is seen by the others. Regularly it is given less significance, however non-verbal communication can talk a ton about oneself. (Quinn, S., & Kidd, E. 2019). It has gotten progressively significant currently that we present ourselves in a decent way, be it vocal or nonvocal types of correspondence. The examination that can be made by nonverbal signs is an enhancement to verbal signals and cannot supplement verbal prompts. The non-verbal communication of an individual talks a great deal and numerous multiple times, it tends to be utilized to settle on a choice about the sort of character that an individual has. Satya-As we communicate with others, we transmit and consume nonverbal messages continuously (Knapp & Hall, 2009). Nonverbal signs convey strong messages – our expressions, the way we pose, how softly or slowly we speak, how near we stand, how much eye contact we make, whether we grin or relax, open our eyes, get closer, hug someone or just say nothing (Duncan & Moriarty, 1998). Our capacity to perceive and use these symbols is a valuable method to communicate our emotions, control experiences, affect others, and shape connections and describe them. People encounter and communicate with others on a frequent and everyday basis in social and commercial environments, both socially and formally (Blair, 2014). In the shopping sense, how customers, salespeople, other store visitors and vendors connect, exchange, and convey sensitive knowledge is at the heart of interpersonal experiences. Whereas, emotional capacity makes it simpler for individuals to identify and use non-verbal knowledge, minimal work has centered specifically on how emotional capacity affects non-verbal communication. The successful usage of nonverbal emotional knowledge is likely to have a significant influence on performance or loss in interactions (Blair, 2014). Although smart analysts can think that nonverbal signals are evident, certain receivers may not even interpret expected signals. And if they interpret signals, they may not be able to determine the contexts and turn them into useful cognitive knowledge. In addition, while they correctly interpret and assess signals, they can struggle to grasp the underlying emotions, thoughts and actions (Jonathan, 2014). Ultimately, even though they correctly interpret, evaluate, and recognize signals, they cannot be able to utilize nonverbal knowledge to produce desirable outcomes. Nevertheless, individuals who are skilled in emotional ability can read nonverbal messages, analyze the content, underline its significance and control their feelings as well as the emotions of others. Efficient nonverbal communication therefore depends on the capacity to control tension, notice feelings and appreciate the signs sent and received (Jonathan, 2014). Bhuvan-Neural Networks can be described as the loosely related collection of algorithms that are designed to identify the patterns. Neural networks allow us to cluster and sort. Neural networks are the best approaches to many natural language processing, image and speech recognition problems. Similar to the Software development life cycle process, Neural Networks have to undergo a series of steps to derive the required information. The series of steps are listed and described as below: 1. Data Collection: This is the preliminary phase where the data needed for training and testing purposes are collected. 2. Segregation of Test and Training Data: Training data must be established, and a network output evaluation plan must be drawn up. 3. Finalize Network architecture: Network design and method of learning are selected. The exact number of neutrons and the number of layers are essential considerations. 4. Finalize learning Methodology: Algorithms utilized for training are finalized in this step. 5. Tuning of parameters and initializing weight: Criteria for optimizing the network to the preferred level of learning performance exist. This phase initializes the parameters of the network, and adjusts the parameters as training feedback is obtained. 6. Transformation of Data: In this step, Application data is transformed into the format and style specified by the Neural Networks. 7. Training: In this step, training is carried out recursively on the input data provided and the output is drawn from the Neural Networks. 8. Testing: It is essential to carry out the testing once the training phase is complete. 9. Implementation: The neural network is built ready to be used as a stand-alone program or as a subset of another software framework where it will be provided with new input data and its output is a reasonable decision. Komal-Week 3 Discussion: Network Neural Project The development process of a neural network revolves around the successful completion of the data collection process. The steps used for the project include; 1. 2. 3. Collecting, organizing, and also the formatting of data- This is the first step, and data is acquired and reformatted. Training, as well as testing of the network, is done at this level (Sharda, Delen, & Turban, 2020). Separation of data into training, validation, and also testing sets- Data can be separated into several subsets. Deciding on network architecture and even the structure to use- The network architecture is supposed to be changed. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Selecting a leaning algorithm- The exact number of neurons and also the layers are determined. Genetic algorithms can be used to find network designs. Bankruptcy predictions can be made by using multilayer feedback neural networks (Sharda, Delen, & Turban, 2020). Setting network parameters- The network parameters are changed in the process of receiving the training performance feedback. The parameters can be modified during training to improve performance (Sharda, Delen, & Turban, 2020). Initializing weights and starting training as well as validation- Software can be used for preprocessing data using the ANN package. Data storage and even manipulation approaches can be used For retraining the networks (Sharda, Delen, & Turban, 2020). Stopping training and freezing the network weights- Input and the unknown output of the network is determined. Computations and adjustments are made. The variables should meet acceptable tolerance levels. Testing the trained network- The derivation of the desired output and input systems is done from the data collected. Deploying the network for use on unknown new cases- In this step, the aim is to obtain a stable set of weights. It is also possible to reproduce the network to obtain the desired outputs. The network can then be used as a standalone system (Sharda, Delen, & Turban, 2020).
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Payan outlines the importance of using visually appealing tools and techniques. Payan
claims that appealing tools attract the attention of the business users and the leadership team of
which I greatly concur with Payan. It is a great strategy to capture the leadership team with
exquisite analysis and statistics. Payan further gives us the definition and the use of geographic
information which he claims is an important technique that could be used to analyze and present
spatial information on a map. He shows the importance of this in the industrial setting. Finally,
Payan informs us of the visualizations and how they could be used to represent information.
Besides, visualization could be used to make predictions on the data and hence the business will
be aware of what is likely to occur in case a certain risk is taken. Visualization is vital for every
company to ensure the success of the venture they are into.

Reply to Abhishek.
Abhishek is focusing on the health sector. Abhishek claims that 87% of the population
lacks clean air and for this case, there is a need to ensure that the people get access to clean air.
With the current industrialization, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is high
meaning that the air is neither clean nor safe for breathing but instead contains a lot of impurities.
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