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For our unit on cultural borders, I wanted to switch up the format for our essay. For this project, the format of our essays will be a TED Talk script.

Here are the list of sources we have covered for this unit that you should consider using for this project. Heads up, for the project, you will have to choose three of them to help shape your Talk.

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | "The Danger of a Single Story" (2009, TED)
  • Manuel Muñoz | "Leave Your Name at the Border" (The New York Times)
  • Omar Sakr | "My First & Second Language" (Meanjin)
  • Alexander Chee | "The Curse" (How to Write an Autobiographical Novel)
  • Susan Cheng | "My Childhood Spent in a Chinese Restaurant" (Buzzfeed)
  • Culture of the Borderlands articles
  • Jose Antonio Vargas | "Defining American" (2017, YouTube)
  • Elif Shafak | "The Revolutionary Power of Diverse Thought" (TED)
  • John McWhorter | "Txting is Killing Language...JK!!" (TED)
  • Katelynn Duggins | "To Code Switch or Not to Code Switch? That is the Question." (TEDx)
  • Lera Boroditsky | "How Language Shapes the Way We Think" (TED)
  • Matt Thompson | "Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch" (NPR)
  • Alfonzo Cuaron | Roma (2018, Netflix)

Essay Due Dates:

  • Rough Draft Due: Friday 7/24 by 11:59pm
  • Final Draft Due: Wednesday 7/29 by 11:59pm

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Writing Assignment 2: Developing a TED Talk on Cultural Borders and Identity Assignment Overview The section below outlines the specific requirement of this assignment. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to: 1.Read and respond to college-level texts. 2.Compose college-level writing. 3.Conduct research. 4.Develop an informed argument that is supported by evidence and analysis 5.Present an engaging and convincing argument to an intended audience Task: Throughout our course, you have watched multiple TED talks on a variety of subjects. In your reflections, many of you have expressed that these talks have made an impression on you and your attitudes. TED talks are powerful, they are engaging, and they make an argument. Now, it’s time to develop a TED talk of your very own. The goal of a TED talk is to “seek a deeper understanding of the world.” Those involved in TED talks believe in the “power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. Given by the “world's most inspired thinkers,” TED talks encourage the building of a “community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.” Prompt: Your job is to write a script for a TED talk on the subject of cultural borders and they way they influence one’s sense of identity. Your TED talk should: • Begin with a story that will engage and grab the audience’s attention • Include a main claim/give an argument about how living within or crossing different cultural borders shapes or forms our identities • Include three sub-claims that connect to your main claim. Each sub-claim should be supported by evidence from your personal experiences and from the sources we have read in class. • You should use at least three outside sources. • End with a concluding thought that leaves the audience thinking. *I will provide support in help writing each of these requirements, so don’t panic if it sounds like a lot right now. NOTE: Since you are citing sources, the script (written version) of your TED talk should include your Works Cited page. Additional Requirements: • Your TED talk script should be a minimum of 4-5 pages, double spaced in written form. • Your TED talk script should include a Works Cited page, which does NOT count towards the 5 page requirement. • Your TED talk script should be formatted in MLA. • Your TED talk script should be largely free of grammatical errors in its written form. • This assignment is worth 100 points. You can earn 15 points extra credit if you record yourself giving the TED talk as a speech and send me the video. • There will be a separate, extra credit submission link if you choose to record yourself giving your speech. • No one will see it but me; however, it should be a carefully made video that is engaging and clear, not just you reading your script with your head down.
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Thesis Statement: On top of leading to a loss of relevant cultural knowledge and
practices, crossing cultural borders also has a detrimental impact on one’s sense of
belonging and identity. Crossing cultural borders shakes a person’s identity and plays a
huge role in the formation of a dual identity.


Claim 1: Crossing over from one culture to another can shake someone’s identity and a
sense of belonging.


Claim 2 : Crossing cultural borders also plays a huge role in shaping one’s dual identity
and life choices.


Claim 3: With different cultures, comes a different set of expectations and a lost sense of


Concluding thought

Surname 1
Student’s Name
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July 22, 2020
Impact of Crossing Cultural Borders on Identity
Mine is not a story of a successful or failed cultural border crossing. Rather, it is a story
of the challenges and the inner identity tussle that one goes through while crossing cultural
borders. Whether physical or virtual, at one time in our lives, we have to cross cultural borders.
Six years ago, I moved from Iraq to California in the United States. If you are familiar with both
countries, then you know that there is a massive difference in cultural practices and the way of
life. Culture plays a big role in cultivating our sense of belonging and identity. I have struggled
to navigate the two cultures since I arrived in the US, and even today, I cannot claim to be 100
percent comfortable. The transition has without doubt, triggered an inner identity tussle.
Somewhat of an identity crisis. Though the latter may be an over statement, it is safe to say that
one’s identity is truly shaken once they have crossed the cultural border.
When I first arrived, I was not sure of how to behave around people. I wasn’t sure of
what dressing code to abide to. I was raised in an environment where how one dresses s...

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