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After reading Chapter 13 and paying particular attention to the section entitled: "Resolving Conflict Effectively,":

(1) Think of a time when you felt challenged by a difficult person and needed to practice your assertiveness skills. From page 286, what type of person was he/she? What conflict triggers may have been playing out?

)2) How did you deal with this person - did you find yourself leaning more toward aggressive or non-assertive behaviors? 

(3) According to the eText, how could you have resolved the conflict better? 

(4) Considering Robert Maddux' five different behavioral styles that can be used during conflict situations (pages 291, 292), which one of the five styles might have worked best in the particular situation you were faced with?

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1. The main conflict triggers that played out between my friend and I were values/culture
clashes and personality clashes. This was because her idea of a healthy relationship was
different from mine, and she was the type of person who never really addressed the risks
of a situation before committing to it, while I tended to take more time to decide on
something. I wou...

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