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After reading Chapter 13, your team should first discuss the differences between Public Relations/Publicity versus Advertising and other Sales Promotion techniques you have learned now in previous chapters. After this, discuss the other main topics in the chapter: Influencer Marketing and Social Media. All of these are integral parts of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications).

Assignment Instructions:

The team should write a paper that is a minimum of two pages, single-spaced.

Use the first page to describe your team's understanding of why, when, and how to utilize PR and Publicity to augment your other promotional activities. Explain the differences and how the combination of the two epitomizes IMC. Give at least one current example of a company doing this.

Use the second page to describe Influencer Marketing especially as it relates to Social Media. Explain the benefits of each. Provide at least two current examples of Social Media influencers (give details: who, when did he/she establish herself/himself, # of current followers, their target market, impact on products recommended, their current fee for an endorsement, et cetera).

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Running head: MARKETING





Marketing is a general term that is used in defining how a company targets its customers
and tries to sell its products as well as services. In the marketing sector, some marketers are
supposed to strategize and address the product, price, place, and promotion. Therefore
marketing is simply an umbrella that consists of public relations, sales promotio0ns as well as
advertising. Advertising involves the paying of the spaces for publications and using the
opportunity in delivering the messages directly to customers. Public relations deal with a wide
range of tactics that involve providing information to independent media sources in the hope of
giving favorable coverage. Advertising and public relations are the two important tools for
promoting a service or a product offered by a certain company. Advertising involves a form of
communication that a company uses to instigate prospective ...

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