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Please read those three articles, write bibliography from the 5w aspect (such as when what, why, etc.) and answer the question about "what effect the sentence difficulty and how sentence difficulty influences the learner's comprehension?"

APA style, no less than 1000 words

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Gordon, P. C., Hendrick, R., & Johnson, M. (2004). Effects of noun phrase type on sentence
complexity. Journal of Memory and Language, 51(1), 97–114.
This article, written by the Psychology Department at North Carolina University looks to explore
noun phrases and how they contribute to a reader's overall comprehension of sentences and phrases. The
three contributing researchers; Peter Gordon, Randell Hendrick, and Marcus Johnson provide examples of
noun phrase experiments to be analyzed for the purposes of this project. The greater purpose of this article
is to determine how noun phrases can be used to enhance a reader’s sentence comprehension. In regards
to the participants of the study the article states, “Forty-eight students at the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill served as participants in the experiment. They received course credit in Introductory
Psychology for their participation.”(Gordon, Hendrick, & Johnson, 2004). These students participated in
four different experiments in which they were given various tasks and stimuli to process and react to that
involved noun phrases being utilized.
This study was published in 2004, although the study itself took place over the course of ...

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