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  • Speculate the data exchange and data management trends that may take place in the next five to ten (5-10) years. Justify your response.

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the world's largest cyber  business is promoting towards US on one hand through google and China on the other. the data exchange and data management is becoming a hard task day by day under hacking and stealing by unauthorised hands and so, it has become a farce or routine activity to secure the data on the regular basis from hacking by inducing new techniques and software updations.

observing the history and comparing with the present day and the trends how fast are they changing, it is easy to speculate that there would be a complete turn around of the present software and can be a bio-identity for each data that has to be retrieved from one's own system or managing the data or transfer of data in 5 to 10 years.

that means, the computer will have a bio-sensor which will allow a person only he was approved with the help of bio-sensor and this activity will become a common and basic check of a human being whether he is a real manager of that specific computer or the data. 

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