location affecting the growth of a restaurant

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How can a new place or location affect the growth of a multicultural restaurant.

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location  can affect the growth of a multicultural restaurant though

a) popularity- the restaurant must acquire popularity from people, before all the past consumers of that industry know or identify the new location the growth curve should be at lag phase for a while

b)efficiency-the new location might be effective to less people than it used to be...that might not be the only favorite of multicultural restaurants to consumers. preferably the opposite is true . the new location might favor  a lot of consumers than the previous location

c)atmosphere-atmosphere is directly related to location and can either bring a positive or a negative impact on the growth of a multicultural restaurant.

d)with a new location comes in with either bigger or smaller responsibilities...distance from the material needed for the restaurant, rent, number of employees added or reduced,insurance, among other things like better services therefore will the price be affordable to previous consumers or a previous lag phase that will form an exponential with time.


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