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Consider the type of power u tend to show in ur daily communication with at least 1 other person. (parent 2 child, teacher 2 student) What kind of power are u showing Or discuss how other being such as a boss show power as they communicate daily 2 u

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According to French and Raven there are 5 bases for power: Reward power, coercive power,expert power, legitimate power and referent power. As a parent or grandparent you have the advantage of having all five.For example when my granddaughter comes to visit she knows

1. she will be rewarded: gifts, clothes, money, affection

2. possible scolding if she does something very naughty

3. she is shown how to write numbers, the best way to catch a ball etc.

4. Obviously she accepts as legitimate any requests or orders

5. Obviously she admires and wants to do things that I can do bit she can't

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