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Create a blog page

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  1. Select an actual topic of interest for the community. Must be a topic where you will perform an educational intervention to the families and the communities and you will provide them with education, action plans and interventions that will positively impact their health and wellbeing. The ultimate goal for your blog should be aimed to prevent disease and injury, improve health, and enhance quality of life.
  2. The topic selected must be supported by peer review journals and best practices.
    1. Examples of topics that would help you develop a great blog will be:
    2. mental illness/behavioral health in teen.
    3. post partum depression.
    4. chronic disease (diabetes).
    5. unintended pregnancy.
    6. Obesity prevention
    7. Sexually transmitted diseases
  1. Make sure that you select a great tittle for your blog. Suggestions: use words that when read it caught the attention of the community, as an example “how to prevent…”; “how to improve…” etc.
  2. When you start writing your blog make sure the first lines or paragraphs must give the reader a concise and solid idea of what the whole blog will be. If you can catch the reader attention there the probability of success on your blog are very high. You must demonstrate to your instructors and peers that what you are writing about will really impact positively the targeted audience which should be schools, worksites, health care facilities, churches, and communities.
  3. You might deliver you blog to your target audience thru social media or any other method you choose that will be effective in reaching out the community.
  4. Elaborate now in your blog topic and expand your ideas; here you must support each blog with scientific research and scholarly articles.
  5. Then conclude your blog with a good summary of your topic, education, interventions, recommendations given.

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How to Improve Mental Health among Teens
Teenage is a unique and formative time that involves multiple physical, emotional, and social
changes. Usually, teens are halfway between childhood and adulthood, an occurrence that makes
them vulnerable to mental health problems. While it is common for teens to exhibit undesirable
behavior at times, such actions might be an indicator of mental health issues. Mental health
conditions among teens account for about 16% of the global burden of disease and injury (Das et
al., 2016).

(Ayana, 2017)



The consequences of failing to address teenage mental health disorders often extend to adult age
hence can be detrimental in impairing their physical and psychological health.
Essentially it is crucial to address the needs of teens before they amount to mental health
conditions. Some of the initiatives that can aid in improving the mental health of teenagers include
strengthening their capacity to regulate emotions. One way to attain this is by equipping teens with
coping skills to manage daily tasks and activities (Das et al., 2016). Secondly, it is through showing
love, affection, and care for teens. Showing that you are interested in what is happening in a child's
life goes a long way toward promoting their psychological well-being. Thirdly is to ensure they
are physically healthy. Physical health is a big part of mental health; hence to help a teen stay
emotionally healthy requires encouraging them to keep active and maintain a healthy eating habit.
Lastly is dealing with problems as they arise to avoid a buildup. The failure to address teenage
issues may lead to a wide array of other issues that may jeopardize their mental health. Therefore
it is vital to address adolescent issues on time.
Ayana. (2017). Why Kids Need To Play Now More Than Ever | Daily InfographicDaily
Infographic. Retrieved 7 August 2020, from
Das, J. K., Salam, R. A., Lassi, Z. S., Khan, M. N., Mahmood, W., Patel, V., & Bhutta, Z. A.
(2016). Interventions for adolescent mental health: an overview of systematic reviews. Journal of
Adolescent Health, 59(4), S49-S60. doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2016.06.020



How to Prevent Postpartum Depression
Childbirth can be a beautiful and tough experience at the same time. The existence of a lot of new
challenges and a lot less sleep are among the adversities that new moms have to grapple. Worse
off can be a complex mix of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that amount to
postpartum depression. This is a severe, long-lasting form of depression that affects between 8 and
20 percent of women after pregnancy (Anokye et al., 2018). Some of the symptoms that signal the
condition include thoughts of death, insomnia, restlessness, emptiness, and pessimism. Ideally,
this can have grave consequences on the well-being of the woman and the baby.

(Budgetbabe, 2019)



Luckily postpartum depression may be preventable. One of the ways to avert it is through getting
educated about it. This empowers expectant parents to create an environment that prevents it from
happening. Seco...

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