What are some of the issues facing contemporary art and artists in China?

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What are some of the issues facing contemporary art and artists in China? Consider political influences, cultural changes, and world interactions in your answer. 200 word minimum

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There are many challenges facing the contemporary artists in China. Firstly, due to the interaction and influence of the western artists, Chinese art has faced increased levels of alienation. This has been demonstrated by the artists who have chosen western trends over the traditional trends of the Chinese hence affecting their art. Secondly, cultural changes on the artists have also been caused by imitation of the western cultural values and trends. The Chinese local cultures have faded away as a result of increasing forms of imitation that has led to alienation of their values. Politics have also affected Chinese art work. Doubts and self control and also affected the performance of the works. economically, the prices of Chinese artwork has also declined. This has been as a result of declining market demand for the artwork. In order to change these trends, their should be newly established forms of marketing campaigns to help promote the Chinese art. The Chinese artists have lost their confidence on their culture to the western culture, which is more profitable. For this reason, their a need to provide both capital, political and economic investment on the chinese artwork so as to restore its lost glory.

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