How did World War II change the culture and technology of Japan?

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How did World War II change the culture and technology of Japan?  How does post-World War II Japan interact on a global level? Has this changed in the 21st century?

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world war II had an impact on the culture of japan in that during the 40 and 30 their political culture was hostile  and did not favor the human rights but after the world war the political culture was more humanity oriented...this also has an impact in the 21 century political culture...  there is a difference between the first world war technology used and the second world war technology...which has a big reflection in the current days in the second world war medicine advanced and there was the discovery of penicillin which is used to the present date as a strong antibiotic, also there was the start  of injections therefore industries used to make silver ware like cutlery begun manufacturing needles.....therefore there was new use of old material. during the second world war there was also the start of the use of radars to detect radio signals from a distance...(surprise war )...the radars rare used in airports and highly secure areas to the present date...

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