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Flip a fair coin 3 times. Let X = number of heads in the three flips:write out sample space, Find P(X = 2), P(X GE 2), and P(X = 0)?

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Final Answer

the total sample size would be

sample space = [(HHH), (HHT), (HTH), (HTT), (THH), (THT), (TTH), (TTT)]

of X is the no of heads then

P(x=2) mean probability of 2 heads

P(x=2) = (HHT), (HTH), (THH)

P(x=2) =3 ANS

P(x GE 2) mean the probability of appearance of heads equal to or greater then 2

P(x GE 2)= (HHH), (HHT), (HTH), (THH)

P(x GE 2)= 4 ANS

P(x=0) mean the probability of appearance of  no heads
P(x=0) = (TTT)
P(x=0)= 0 ANS

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