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Please watch Part 1 of the HBO documentary, The Weight of the Nation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pEkCbqN4uo

Then, please answer the following two discussion questions. I ask you all to read and comment on two of your classmates' answers as well. Be sure to be thorough in your question answers and responses to your classmates, that means at least a paragraph (three sentences) per question/response. Please use complete sentences, proper capitalization, and punctuation. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation count! Proof read for errors. The video is about an hour and nine minutes so be sure to plan accordingly.

10 points possible.


1) Did you learn anything new about the effects excess fat has on our bodies? Which piece of information stuck out for you?

2) As one of the doctors said, excess fat “hurts almost every part of your body.” Many of us have heard about the connection between obesity and type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Were you surprised to hear about the correlation between obesity and other conditions like cancer?

Answer the questions by clicking the "reply" button at the bottom of this window and type in your answers. Once you are done, click the red "post reply" button to the bottom right to submit it for grading. You will need to post to this discussion before you will be able to see the posts from your peers. Once you have posted, you may read and respond to two of your classmates.

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I have known obesity to be a major cause of diabetes and early death. However, the
video has educated me on other effects of excess body fat. I was shocked to learn that twothirds of Americans are obese. I learned that obesity is associated with kidney failure, which
eventually leads to hypertension. I was especially struck by the connection between obesi...

Great study resource, helped me a lot.


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