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The main goal for this component is that students identify and implement emerging marketing technologies and topics. Each student will create Salesforce Trailhead account and earn at least 1200 points (by completing 3 or more modules), which will constitute 5 % of your final grade. You need go to and learn about Salesforce and its certificates. Afterward create a Trailhead account/profile and complete your desirable three modules to earn at least 1200 points (completing 3 or more modules) for your profile. For example below are three suggested optional modules:

Next you need to submit your Trailhead profile link and your reports to answer, “What you have learned from this module? and how it helps your personal development and future career success?”. You need to submit one file including your profile link in addition to one-page report for each module that you complete. You will be marked based on both completion of +3 modules (+1200 points) and the quality of your reports.

Purpose of this assignment is directing you to become familiar by Salesforce and obtaining a very practical tool for your future career. This is just a start; you yourself can become a specialist in your desirable Salesforce field and have that credential in your CV, LinkedIn, etc.

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Artificial Intelligence for Email marketers
What you have learned from this module?
This was one of the modules that I got to do for this discussion. I choose the topic because
I have an interest in artificial intelligence and I was curious how is used in email marketing.
Artificial intelligence is transforming the way in which businesses are conducted and email
marketing is not let behind. From the reading it is clear that artificial intelligence is key for email
marketing. Email marketing is one of the strategies that business owners are using. Artificial
intelligence is important because it helps to enhance segmentation, coming up with personalized
content as well as making recommendations. Another thing that stood out from the module is the
importance of knowing the...

Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.


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