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Discussion Question: Respiratory

By the due date assigned, respond to the case study questions below and submit your responses to the Discussion Area.

Respond to the question using the lessons and vocabulary found in the readings. Support your answers with examples and research. Your responses should clarify your understanding of the topic. They should be your own, original, and free from plagiarism. Follow APA format for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.

Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your classmates as early in the week as possible. Respond to at least two of your classmates. Participate in the discussion by analyzing each response for completeness and accuracy and by suggesting specific additions or clarifications for improving the discussion question response. Complete your participation for this assignment by the end of the week.

Case Study:

An 18 year old college student reports a history of episodic attacks of shortness of breath, dry cough, and wheezing for the last 5 years. These symptoms usually occur during a change of weather or whenever she “catches a cold”. Symptoms also reported to worsen during night and early morning. Accompanying symptoms of recurrent sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.
The patient reports she was prescribed some inhaler medications by her practitioner two years ago for use as needed. She stopped the meds as she was concerned over inhaler dependence. Intermittently she takes cough syrup during “attacks” with some help.

PMH: No diagnosed chronic illnesses
SH: College student, single, lives with parents. Father is smoker in the home, use dry wood in the home in fireplace

Constitutional: Denies fever, denies weight loss
Respiratory: Denies hemoptysis, reports mostly dry cough
Cardiovascular: Tightness in chest at times
ENT: Denies ear pain, mild rhinorrhea reported, scratchy throat intermittently

Question answers should be based on evidence found in readings and from peer-reviewed literature. At least two sources must be used and cited in APA format for each question. Only one source can be a textbook. Resources should generally be within 5 years unless you are explaining the pathophysiology of a disease or providing pertinent background information.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Based on the history provided, the health care provider suspects asthma with varying frequency and intensity. Describe whether this condition is restrictive or obstructive and support with evidence.
  2. Describe the pathophysiologic process that occurs with asthma and support with evidence from the literature.
  3. Explain what confirmatory testing is evidence based practice for diagnosing asthma and how this information can guide the treatment plan.

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Explanation & Answer

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Clinical Case: Asthma
1. Asthma is an obstructive lung disease, it is caused by a reversible bronchoconstriction
that tends to be episodic and can be triggered by several different types of stimulus, the
cardinal characteristic of asthma is the narrowing of the airways, this may be a cause
of the mucus produced or the hyperreactivity of the smooth muscles in the airway, this
obstruction to free flow can trap the air and cause hyperinflation (Hikichi, Hashimoto,
& Gon, 2018).

2. The main event that occurs in asthma is a bronchospasm induced by a trigger, these
triggers can be numerous and include exposure to chemicals and irritants, such as
smoke, exposure to cold air or stress, for example, while exercising, ...

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