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Please choose only one (1) of the following questions to respond to for your midterm project:

Over the last two years, members of the National Football League and other professional athletes have kneeled, linked arms, or raised fists to protest racial inequality and police brutality against people of color, as well as call for greater efforts in racial reconciliation and social justice. Many say that we have entered a new era of racism in America. What is your opinion? Have we entered a new era of growing racism and racial injustice in America or are such claims exaggerations with no basis in reality? Be specific and cite sources in your answer.

The site www.Cherokee.org is the official web page of the Cherokee Nation. Located in Oklahoma, the nation is the ancestors who were removed from the Southeast in 1839. Go to the site and overview the social institutions found on the reservation. What is distinctive about the nation’s institutions? What type of race relations discussed in the chapter best fit the history of nation provided on the site?

Go tohttp://genocidewatch.net/ the website of the International Campaign to End Genocide. Read the sections on recent cases of genocide (Sudan, Darfur, Zimbabwe). Discuss your perspective on genocide and your thoughts on what the international community should do to address genocide.

Step 2: Begin Writing.

Select one of the topics from Step 1. Follow the directions/suggestions below to satisfy the outcomes for this project:

1) Do some basic research, (please use the websites provided if you are answering Questions 2 or 3) and develop a point of view.

2) Remember, referring back to the textbook maybe helpful.

3) Make sure you use a minimum of 2 additional sources for your research.

Compare and contrast internal colonialism, segregation, assimilation, and pluralism perspectives on race relations.

Project Overview

This project is designed to provide practice in comparing and contrasting internal colonialism, segregation, assimilation, and pluralism perspectives on race relations.


An 850-word (minimum) Word document in 12-point font, double spacing, APA citations (including a title and reference page), and utilizes paragraph format with complete sentences. This assignment should also respond to the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. The length requirement for this paper is 850 words, but the word requirement does not include either your title page and/or reference page. You can verify that you have met this requirement by using the Word Count feature in Microsoft Word. This project requires the use of 2 additional resources that can include but not be limited to the web, and or traditional media such as television news, the newspaper, magazines and or resources from the library.

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What Lies Beneath the Surface
America, a land of promise and opportunity, has underlying problems plaguing its society
that have been brought to light. Recently, racial inequality has been heightened in America as
demonstrated by several significant negative occurrences. The Covid-19 pandemic,
discrimination revealed through social media, and the death of George Floyd express the
pressing need to put an end to all forms of racism in America.
The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has ignited racial tensions and xenophobic violence
against the Asian community. According to Time, the global pandemic has killed over 120,000
Americans and left millions without jobs. President Donald Trump’s reference to Covid-19 as
the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu” only adds fuel to the flame of anti-Asian sentiments in the
United States (Kambhampaty & Sakaguchi, 2020). Chinese Americans are not the only ones that
are vulnerable to hatred. Racist aggressors are targeting anyone who is Asian or perceived to be
Asian. Simply wearing a face mask can provoke an attack since they have been affiliated with
Asians long before they became...

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