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WATCH New Ship Smell (go to YouTube.com, search for New Ship Smell), Not a Waterslide (go to YouTube.com, search for Carnival Cruise Commercial 2011), and Lunch is Served (go to YouTube.com, search Carnival Cruise Bear Looks Norwegian).

Now, remember a time you went on vacation, camping, or to a party and had a great time.  Recall the sensory details. Use the questions below to guide your description of what you remember.  Use adjectives (describing words) that create a picture of your experience.

  • Describe something you remember seeing. How did it look? (sight)?
  • Describe something you remember smelling. (smell)
  • Describe something you touched. (touch)
  • How did this experience make you feel? (emotions )
  • What sounds can you remember hearing? (sound)
  • What did you eat there? How did it taste? (taste)

In responding to another student’s post, identify four sensory adjectives and replace them with your own choices. [For example: A thick steak sizzled over the open flames.  You could replace the adjective “open” with “jumping.”]

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