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Culture of Sustainability - I need as much detail and speaker notes as possible with sources and images with their sources as well please.

Prepare an 8-10-slide presentation with speaker notes.

Develop a plan for creating a culture of sustainability and environmental focus within a business.

Review the key components of a successful plan, and use a minimum of three resources to develop the document.

Incorporate the following items into the plan, and discuss specifics in the speaker's notes section of your presentation:

  • Strategies and tactics you would employ as part of the plan.
  • Communication tools you would employ to publicize the plan.
  • The role of management and employees in planning and execution processes.
  • The various goals for sustainability within a firm.
  • Methods that the firm can use to effectively evaluate the success or failure of the plan.
  • Possible adjustment strategies in case things don't go according to plan.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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Sustainability Presentation


Overview of sustainability
Continued existence of
a behavior
Maintenance of natural
capital in terms of the
• social and
• economic

(Kuppler, 2012)

Overview Cont’d…
• Following the definition of sustainability, it
therefore follows that an incorporation of
sustainable principles and policies includes
includes the consideration of the three
sustainability pillars; the social, cultural ...

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