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If 1 gallon of paint can cover a square room and ceiling with walls that are 8.91 feet high and 8.91feet long, what is the thickness of the paint (in micrometers)?

If possible, could you please break down the problem for me-step by step. Thank you.

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i am making a rough calculation 

1 liquid gallon takes up 231 cubic inches 

Convert 8.91 feet to inches: 

8.91 * 12 = 106 + 1.06 = 106.08 inches 

Imagine that there is a "box" of paint on the wall with dimensions of 9.09 feet by 9.09 feet by "t" inches in thickness 

106.08 * 106.08 * t = 231 
11898.4464 * t = 231 
t = 0.019414299332390151373039760888447 inches 

1 inch = 25.4 millimeters = 25400 micrometers 

Set up a simple ratio: 

0.019414299332390151373039760888447 / x = 1 / 25400 
25400 * 0.019414299332390151373039760888447 = x 
493.12320304270984487520992656655 = x 

 thickness = 500 micrometers.

please it is step by step 

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