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Case Study

D.H. is a nurse administrator at a large primary practice. His duties include maintaining the nurses’ schedules to keep within the facility’s budget; overseeing the hiring and training of nurses; ensuring that the work environment for the nurses is safe; and resolving any employment issues with the nurses that require disciplinary action, termination, or reporting adverse nursing care to the state board.

One of his primary initiatives during the nurses’ orientation is to reiterate the importance of incorporating the goals of Healthy People 2020 into the nurses’ care.


1) How you as a health care professional should proceed if you suspect that a client has finances concerns about being able to afford their health care.

2) Identify the different roles and responsibilities of the nurse.

3) Please discuss the challenges you anticipate facing when fulfilling the various roles of a nurse practitioner. How would you work to improve your weaknesses? Identify your strengths.

4) Which patient population is most likely to experience health disparities and why?

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Report: Nurse practitioner responsibilities

Nurse practitioner responsibilities
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Report: Nurse practitioner responsibilities

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Report: Nurse practitioner responsibilities

Nurse practitioner responsibilities

Nurse Practitioner Responsibility
Nurse practitioner responsibilities
The improvement of health outcome in a community is, in most cases, improved
by the high number of nurse practitioners. Understanding the signi cant roles
of nurse practitioners is among the signi cant factors that may facilitate a
positive change in the way most of the health-related issues are addressed.
There are several. As a health practitioner, there are several responsibilities
that one has and that allows one to improve the quality of care that is offered to
the patients (Enger & Andershed, 2018). Monitoring, as well as operating the
medical equipment, is one of the roles that is associated with nurse
practitioners. In this, the nurse practitioner is involved with the assessment of

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Report: Nurse practitioner responsibilities

the medical equipment that is used in the management of primary health
issues that patients may encounter.
Additionally, ensuring that the medical equipment is properly placed is an
imperative practice that makes it easy for the management of most of the
health issues that are faced in a speci c community. in most healthcare
settings, the creation of a health care plan makes it easy for the provision of
quality health services that may resolve most of the issues that are faced in the
involved area. It is, therefore, the role of a nurse practitioner to develop a
patient care plan that may address the current health conditions and also
ensure that the existing patient care plans are improved to bring about a
positive change. Through this practice, the chances of resolving the signi cant
conditions are improved, thus facilitating change.
As a nurse practitioner, the other role and responsibility that one has been to
record the medical histories and symptoms that a patient is likely to show
(Jones & Treiber, 2018). The increased application of technology makes it easy
for nurse practitioners to record health issue involving the community.
Additionally, the use of modern technology in the healthcare sector makes it
easy for the nurse practitioners to ensure that they can evaluate the rate at
which a speci c incident occurs in the community thus help in the
development of a reliable measure that can assist in addressing the involved
As a nurse practitioner, one is also assigned with the responsibility of
performing physical examinations on the patients (Bethea et al., 2019). Since
practitioners have a direct relationship with the patients, they are able to
design the right practice that may enable the doctors and other stakeholders in
the healthcare sector to come up with the right measure to address the
patient-related issues. Patient-related observation is another role that allows

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