Emotional Behavioral Disorder

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What criteria should schools use in devising and selecting screening procedures for students with EBD 

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It is important to state that there is no one way or standard test for selecting and screening students with EBD. According to Christenson, Ysseldyke, Algozzine, 1983, students referred for EBD treatment usually qualify but the results tend to under or over identify students with behavior disorders. 

Before recommendation for treatment,  the school  should use the pre-referral intervention or approach. Teachers can meet to discuss and brainstorm ideas on how to manage students with EBD or allow teachers to make modifications in the regular classroom to  deal with the student's behavior. If iboth methods fail, then the student is warranted for special screening.  

Firstly, parent consent is required for initial assessment. If parent accepts, they can proceed to employ a variety specialists such as the psychologist to identify target behavior. Screening and early intervention must be conducted immediately by trained personnels to prevent the behavior from progressing.

Scale for assessing emotional disturbance(SAED) and standard error measurement SEM) must be conducted.

Or use the Walker(1990)  3 step process of screening.


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