Complete a LYSK analysis for one short story from Literature for Critical Analysis

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You may not use Cheever's "Reunion" or Chopin's "Ripe Figs". (Maybe you can use last time“The Art of Cooking and Serving”

“The Least You Should Know About Any Work of Fiction” Worksheet

  1. Identify the protagonist in 3-5 sentences, describe his/her life situation and basic personality, and then state his/her problem and/or primary motivation. What is the central idea, need, or problem that drives the protagonist? How does the protagonist change by the end of the story? What have they learned?

  2. Identify the antagonist(s) in 3-5 sentences, describe his/her/its basic situation and qualities, and then state his/her/its main motivation. What is the central idea, need, or problem that drives the antagonist? Remember that antagonists are not always characters, though, and that many stories feature more than one antagonist. Finally, explain how the antagonist's drive interacts with the protagonist’s motivation, thus establishing the central conflict of the work.

  3. In no more than 3-5 sentences, summarize the plot. Include enough of the deeper level to show all that’s at stake for the protagonist and to suggest how he/she does or doesn’t change by the end of the work.
  4. Describe the conflict in less than 50 words. What is at stake? What are people fighting over?What is the problem? Remember that there is always a problem in literature. The human conditionthe subject of all literatureis about problems.

  5. Identify the one scene or line or chapter or stanza that is the climax of the story. What are the moments of crisis, or scenes, that lead up to the climax? Describe each scene/chapter in a couple of words, then briefly chart the "rising" structure of the work.

  6. Write 3-5 sentences which describe the importance of setting in the work you are analyzing.

  7. Write 3-5 sentences on the connotation of important images, metaphors or symbols in the work. How does this connotation enrich your understanding of the work as a whole?

  8. Write 3-5 sentences on important historical or cultural background that might enrich your understanding of the work. Connect the historical or cultural information to the development of the story.

  9. Write 3-5 sentences about the story's themes. What world or life view is the author expressing? How do you know? What is his/her message about these themes?

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Complete a LYSK analysis for one short story from Literature for Critical Analysis



1. Protagonist
The protagonist is the story’s narrator who gives an account of how she spent her time doing
house chores during her mother’s pregnancy. The narrators seems to be a nice young girl who
dedicated her life to help her expecting mother and took good care of her and their home
while the father was away. The protagonist is mostly concerned with her mother’s and
sibling’s well-being and struggles to balance house chores, school work, and personal
interests to create time for the two. At first she is motivated to ensure that her mother delivers
safely and the child has the right clothing but she changes her interests after her sister is born
and tries to explore her personal interests.
2. Antagonist
The narrator’s inner saboteur is the story’s antagonist given that the narrator seems to have
constant internal struggles. The narrator seems to have an internal conflict with herself since
her conscious will constantly conflicts with her own desire, conscience, and subconscious
motivations. The narrator’s inner saboteur seems to be dormant in the first part ...

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