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CMH 2210L

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1) Restate the purpose, 2) talk about what a melting point is,3) Source of error,4) Post lab questions, the tutor has to watch a class lesson on my profile in order to understand everything,I will provide the post lab questions in private along with mu username and password.

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Celine Hernandez
The melting point is known as the temperature at which a compound changes its state
from solid to liquid. The purpose of today’s experiment is learning about the melting
point and how it can be used to identify a compound, whether this is pure or impure.
Generally, when the melting point is determined experimentally, it is reported as a range
with an initial temperature (Ti) that expresses the temperature at which half of the solid
turns into a liquid and a final temperature (Tf) that reports the temperature at which all
the solid is melted. There are two ways of determining the melting point; one of them
involves fast heating and the other one slow heating. Ideally, the solid should melt
slowly, not rushed and with a of 2 degrees Celsius/minute heating rate, therefore the
slow melting will give the most accurate results. For today’s results, we determined the
melting points for two unknown solids and then identified them using a list of theoretical
melting points for different compounds. For unknown #1, the fast mp was 137-145°C
and the slow mp 134-136°C. Because the slow process is the most accurate, this is the
range to take into consideration and compare with the theoretic values. In the list
provided in the h...

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