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4133 TFH The Full Circle of Management Prof. Garcia Become a Problem Solver gnivloS melborP FACT 1 FACT 2 FACT 3 Most problems are best resolved by ensuring that the supervisor in whose area the problem lies is not allowed to shift the problem upward The characteristic of human nature whereby people tend to push their problems onto anyone who will accept them, rather than solve the problem themselves, must be avoided. Many employees are afraid to solve problems for fear of making mistakes. SOME OF THE MORE COMMON PROBLEMS THAT REQUIRE THE EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER'S ATTENTION EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM EMPLOYEE PROBLEMS EMPLOYEE TURNOVER POOR PERFORMANCE EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM The Following are a few action that affect directly or indirectly our absenteeism problem Poor Orientation Poor Supervision Management Insensitivity Poor Orientation During orientation meeting it is essential that management convey the notion that employees are hired because they are needed and that management does not hire employees with a voew toward terminating them Such comments are crucial to the initiation of moralebuilding environments, whereby employees can begin to motivate themselves to come to work when scheduled. Poor Supervision Poor or inept supervision may be another common reason for employee absenteeism. Becoming a competent supervisor requires training in personnel relationships, leadership, responsible actions, and human dynamic. Something to Remember: Chances are that 95% of all the problems encountered by a supervisor have been encountered before; mistakes have been made and solutions have been found. Thomas J.A. Jones Management Insensitivity Management must remain sensitive to the personal needs of employees. Such a premise does not require that managers become involed with the personal problems of employees, only that they recognize that different things matter more or less to different people. To understand this is to reognize that employees work for different reasons. Something to Remember: It has been well documented that managers who demonstrate genuine respect, feeling, and caring for employees create maximum employee loyalty and productivity. Thomas J.A. Jones EMPLOYEE TURNOVER All to often , the press of business tends to force the manager to skip important matters, such as a thorough and professional look at past work history, when reviewing an applicant's background in hopes that everything will work out. Obviously, care and attention should go into selecting employees. Employee Turnover FIRST AFTER A PERSON IS HIRED, THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS THAT EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPERS AND MANAGERS IN GENERAL CAN DO TO ENSURE THE SUCCESS AND LONG-TERM COMMITMENT OF THE EMPLOYEE Staff members who will train others should be carefully considered SECOND Job enrichment is a technique whereby the employee may see the job as important and necessary to proper functioning of the organization. THIRD Participative management, whereby employees are involved in discussions ar to why some employees choose to leave, often reveals motives not readily shared or even understood by management. EMPLOYEE PROBLEMS It is not necessary that employees like each other, provided they respect each other at work. Poor Perfomance 01 There are many factors relating to employee behavior that end in unsatisfactory performance that have little to do with the employee's ability to do a job properly. problems at home, poor relationships with supervisors, change in priorities, illness,and poor morale to name a few. 02 The executive housekeeper's challenge in each case is to find underlying cause of stress leading to substandard performance and deal with the causes before the situation becomes irreversible. Managerial Styles CHANGING PHILOSOPHIES 1 I Believe in getting things done. I can't waste time calling meetings. Someone has to call the shots around and I think it should be me. here, 2 I'm being paid to laed. If I let a lot of the other people make the decisiones I should be making, then I'm not worth my salt. 3 Once I have decided on a course of action, I do my best to sell my ideas to my employees. CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING DIFFERENT ATTITUDES TOWARD POWER AS ILLUSTRATED IN MATERIAL GATHERED FROM MANAGERS AT DIFFERENT COMPANIES BY MANAGEMENT EXPERTS ROBERT TANENBAUM AND WARREN SCHMIDT. 4 It is foolish to make decisions oneselef on matters that affect other people. I always talk things over with my subordinates, but I make it clear to them that I'm the one who has the final way. The First Two Statements Are symbolic of military-type leadership, which may produce an instant response but may not necessarily produce the best decision. The Second Two Statements Are more symbolic of the manager who has chosen to share power with those who will be affected by decisions that must be made, and as a result are more likely to encourage participation by subordinates who in turn will commit themselves to the decisions. Something to Remember: The sharing of power does not mean the abdication of responsibility; it means a recognition that greater employee commitment is attained by involving those who have a stake in the outcome of decisions. Thomas J.A. Jones 1 1 Supplemental Reading Post 4 SAMPLE POST: Professor Item 1: Reading: Seventy-Five Years of U.S. Hotel Revenues, Expenses, and Profits Synopsis: The article gives an overview over 7 decades of the triumphs and failures of the lodging industry. Starting form the great depression through the boom in the 50s and into the first decade of the 21stcentury. The wars brought a boom to the industry due to the high demand for rooms for shelter and the new highway system. The article justifies the importance of good management in any situation. Having tactics in order for any disaster should always be in place no matter what the situation is. Lesson for my management career: This article expounds the importance of preparation. No matter what the economy goes through a lodging operations should always be prepared for the worst. Professor Item 2: Video: Bedbugs Synopsis: The video helped me understand how menacing bedbugs can be for guests. Lesson for my management career: This article expounds the importance of preparation. No matter what the economy goes through a lodging operations should always be prepared for the worst. New Article: In Favor of hospitality management educations Synopsis: The article explains the arguments and criticism one receives from getting the education in hospitality. Since there are some individuals whom believe it's more of a common sense industry this article shows reasons why it's also a great idea to pursue this industry through education. Lesson for my management career: A few times I have had people ask me why pursue a degree in hospitality and instead just work my way up. The article is informative of the importance of education. One does have the common sense of serving others but all the strategies and an extra layer of knowledge is achieved through reading. I am proud to be completing my education for the hospitality field.
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Professor item 1:
A. Topic: In the corporate world, unhappy employees tend to outnumber happy ones,
even though the corporate world knows happy employees are more productive and an
essential asset in a company (TED, 2019, 00:00:17-00:00:44).
B. Thesis: Hence managers should also strive to make employees satisfaction a top
priority in the workplace.
Professor item 2:Millennials and their Impact on Employee Turnover
A. What differentiates the millennials from other generations is the mindset.
B. . A manager should acknowledge the modern workforce exhibits different
characteristics from previous generations.
Professor item 3: How to start changing an unhealthy work environment| Gleen D.
A. One of the main factors contributing to an unhealthy working environment is
backbiting each other when one is not around (TEDx Talks, 2016, 00:01:4500:01:54).
B. There are two approaches in fixing backbiting issues in the workplace; that is, triplefilter test and “Gossip 2016.”
Professor item 4: How to keep your team motivated
A. It is essential to keep the team in the workplace motivated to yield anticipated

Surname 2

B. One significant component to ensure motivation in the organization is through
communication with the employees.

Surname 1
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Professor item 1: This is what makes employees happy at work| The Way We Work, a TED
Synopsis: In the corporate world, unhappy employees tend to outnumber happy ones, even
though the corporate world knows happy employees are more productive and an essential
asset in a company (TED, 2019, 00:00:17-00:00:44). With companies struggling with
employees in satisfaction and high turnover, they are responsible for ensuring employees'
happiness through implementing various aspects in the workplace. The four main elements
include building and establish trust and respect with the workplace; practicing fairness when
dealing with the employees; active listening through understanding and putting into
consideration the options offered; and accommodative to change (TED, 2019, 00:01:1200:3:58).
Lesson from my management career: The video informs me of the importance of ensuring
employees' happiness since it plays a crucial role in ensuring the survival and quality
performance of any firm. Hence managers should also strive to make employee satisfaction a
top priority in the workplace. The manager should be able to establish a conducive
communication channel that will enhance communication and foster establishment of trust
and loyalty in the company. Similarly, the practice of fairness in the firm is essential. Fairness
should reflect in various dimensions including promoti...

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