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1. Discussion 1 (Chapter 7): What are the common challenges with which sentiment analysis deals? What are the most popular application areas for sentiment analysis? Why?

2. This is a required assignment worth 15 points (15-points/1000-points). Assignment must be submitted by the due date. No late assignments are allowed. Please discuss the following topics and provide substantive comments to at least two other posts.

Select from the following list four (4) topics and discuss. Use only 50-words max per topic to discuss and present your answer.

The discussion questions this week are from Chapter 5 (Jamsa, 2013).

Chapter 5 topics:

  • Define and describe SSO.
  • Define and describe IDaaS.
  • Define SAML and describe its purpose.
  • Define and describe provisioning.
  • Define and describe FIDM.
  • List factors that make mobile ID management difficult.

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Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis assists in identifying and categorizing the opinions expressed in
opinioned data by a writer as neutral, positive, or negative. One of the common challenges in
sentiment analysis is determining whether the sentiments in an utterance is similar to that of the
speaker. Developers of sentiment systems have a challenge in deciding whether the sentiment of
a reader or writer will be classified as neutral when there is an unclear signifier of the sentiment
of the writer or reader (Mohammad, 2015). Alternatively, they can select a speaker’s sentiment
as that revealed in the utterance. The second challenge is stance detection by computers. Humans
can easily deduce from an SMS message that the speaker disagrees with a specific proposition,
something that the computers are unable to do (Mohammad, 2015). Computers, an automatic
system, have to identify specific bits of information to detect a stance successfully. Furthermore,
these systems will begin by identifying the audience of the message in the text, then determine
its impact on the audience’s interest.
Another challenge in sentiment analy...

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