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Throughout the semester, each student will be responsible to post a meaningful reflection in Canvas after reading and discussing key texts within 6 areas of inquiry around 1) Indigenous religion, 2) Indian religion, 3) Chinese religion, 4) Pre-Christian Monotheist religion, 5) Christianity, 6) Islam and 7) Modern Religions.

[Student Learning Outcomes 1, 4, 5]

Using Chapter 2, 3 or one online option (Greco-Roman or Egyptian), submit a 2-page MLA formatted essay to address all 5 points below. Quote and cite 2 passages from the textbook or online readings to support your perspective. I recommend writing five paragraphs over 2 double-spaced pages to address each of these questions in turn.

  1. How does your chosen Indigenous religion define Deities / Deity / or Reality?
  2. What stories, myths or teachings reveal consequences or rewards of actions by members of this community?
  3. What role do leaders have in the Indigenous community?
  4. What rituals, practices, ceremonies or holidays do they consider most important?
  5. How does this tradition handle sickness, aging, death and the afterlife?

Review the Rubrics for Grading before writing your reflection. Use MLA citations when quoting sources. See the MLA style guide on Purdue's Online Writing Lab if you need added support in this activity.

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The ancient Egyptians used natural symbolism as the primary way of representing their
deities. For example, they had Ma’at, who was the goddess of truth and justice, Osiris who was
the god of the underworld, and Thoth who was the god of writing. Each of the gods had been
given his or her specialty. The gods of Egypt were considered to be the lords of creation and also
the custodian of law and order. Additionally, they were thought of as friends who could lend a
helping hand if the people needed it. According to some, “The gods of Egypt had blessed the
land with their special favor, and the people were expected to honor them as great and kindly
benefactors.” (Mark 16). Notably, the gods had created order out of chaos and managed to give
the Egyptians the most beautiful land.
The consequences and rewards for the...

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