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Primary Sources and Maps (you will select THREE of these to address in your main discussion post)

Instructions for your main post: During the fifth century BC, Athens and Sparta were arguably the two most powerful Greek poleis (city-states). But while few primary sources survive from Sparta, the Athenians’ love of public documentation in a variety of media has left us with an abundance of written and archaeological sources. Using at least THREE of the material sources above, write a 2-3 paragraph main post describing your reaction to the city of Athens and your experience living in the city or visiting it from the perspective of ONE of the following individuals:

  • A leading Athenian statesman (you can be Pericles himself, if you’d like!)
  • A merchant who is an Athenian citizen
  • A merchant who is a citizen of another Greek city-state, and is visiting Athens for business
  • A poor Athenian resident
  • A foreign vase-painter living and practicing his trade in Athens
  • An Athenian citizen’s wife
  • A slave of an Athenian citizen
  • An Athenian farmer living in one of the villages outside the city walls
  • A confused Spartan citizen in town for a diplomatic mission

Please post your own response (2-3 paragraphs), and respond to at least TWO posts of your classmates.

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Unit 4 Discussion: A poor Athenian resident

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Unit 4 Discussion: A poor Athenian resident
The lower class in ancient Athens between the 8th and 1st century BC was not considered
a homogeneous social group. This variation can be noted in the wide range of lexicons used to
describe the poor. The first term in this taxonomy of poverty was aporos – used to define the
people that lacked or were deprived of mater...

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