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Business Finance

FIN 571

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Research your company’s (Walmart ) financial reports for 2017.

Complete a 2- to 3-page FAQ/Shareholder Analysis.

Evaluate economic conditions that influence company performance. Consider political, environmental, currency (money), global economics, and government influences on economic conditions.

Compare market conditions with the company’s performance for 2017. Conclude how the market conditions that year influenced the company’s performance, such as interest rates, Federal Reserve Bank monetary policy changes, or other market conditions relevant to the company you selected.

Analyze year-over-year performance from 2016 and 2017. Consider key metrics or ratios such as trailing PE ratio, forward PE ratio, price to book, return on assets, and return on equity in your conclusions.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

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FAQ/Shareholder Analysis

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September 22, 2020


FAQ/Shareholder Analysis
Walmart is among the united states' largest private company employers. As of 2017,
Walmart had nearly 1.5 million associates in the united states of America. Walmart Inc. is a
conglomerate wholesale and retail company that operates chains of outlets, grocery stores. The
company slogan is” moving with speed to win the future of retail-it is in our DNA." Walmart's
company deals with retail and wholesale activities in different categories globally. The company
engages in e-commerce business in 11 countries, and it has 11,695 physical stores in 28 countries
under 59 banners. Walmart is continuing to add new cubs and stores in the united states bearing
in mind that clubs and stores may reduce sales from the old existing stores, which negatively
impacts. The company has a pricing philosophy dabbed (EDLP) Everyday low prices. W...

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