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: Among the many known personalities in ancient Greece and the ancient Roman world, if you were forced to select only ONE person from each culture (anyone in our required materials for this week – in Ch.10 for the pre-Roman Greeks, and Chs.11 and 12 for the Roman world) as the two MOST important individuals from those periods and regions, who would those individuals be – and how would you justify their selection? Do this for each culture, using both Bentley and Ziegler and the PowerPoints (all of them) for the Archaic through the Classical period of Greece and for Rome during the Republic and Empire. Include in your justification and support arguments details of what your selected individuals did, discuss their legacies, and also compare them with two other, next-most important figures in each case (i.e., compare your selection for Greece to two others in Greece as a minimum, and then do the same with Rome). You may discuss only the MOST significant achievements of your compared figures – it is not necessary to recount every single thing each of them anad their competitors did.

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