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After viewing “An Education in Equality,” “Learning Begins at Home,” “A Military Education,” and “an Education,” write an organized and well-supported essay in which you make three observations about education and what impacts (and enhances) student learning. Consider impacts and influences such as parenting, home life, society, race, technology, ethnicity, socioeconomics, etc. 

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I. Introduction Introductory Paragraph A. Many people stress how important it is to have great teachers in order for students to gain the proper education and to succeed in life. B. In reality, there are many factors that may contribute to a student’s academic performance. These factors include one’s characteristics and experiences in life. C. Even though some people think that if a student does not live a good life at home, that they will not succeed in life, but that is far from truth. A student’s education can be influenced by the life that they live at home, the parenting that they receive, and their race. II. Body First Body Paragraph (1st supporting point) A. Many believe that the life that students live at home can either help or hurt them when it comes to education. B. Providing children that are less fortunate with a great education is the best solution. C. In “Life Begins at Home”, teachers get acquainted with students’ lives. They are able to get a better understanding of the lives of students and what they go through. D. E. Teachers showed how dedicated they were to the lives of the students in order to help them become successful. Second Body Paragraph (2nd supporting point) A. Parenting skills are important because they assist with how a child develops over the years. B. In “Life Begins at Home,” teachers visited homes and were able to get a better idea of the environment in which the student was being raised and if the environment was learning-friendly. C. Schools and teachers within the schools work together to promote at-home learning so that parents are able to monitor and assist students with homework. D. With parents that are involved in their children’s lives, it makes allows students to have better social skills, show improved behavior, get better grades, and graduate. Third Body Paragraph (3rd supporting point) A. Race plays an important role in the way education is communicated and engaged. B. Race in any environment plays a role in how the student is perceived, how their parents are perceived in their roles, how parents interpret what is said, and even how a school will react to the students and the parents. C. Racial issues brought up self-esteem issues in “An Education in Equality”. D. The stakes are much higher for minority students, but most students tend to adapt to the environment, discrimination, and how to compete with privileged students. V. Conclusion A. Although some people tend to believe that student’s will not succeed in life if they do not come from a good home, it isn’t true. B. One’s education and success could be positively influenced by other things such as active parents, active teachers, and drive. C. After extensive research, I have found that many students tend to succeed in life because they want to make a difference. They want to be better than what they are expected to be. Everyone’s goal in life is to be successful, and being successful is ultimately up to the student.
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Observations on Education and Impacts in Student Learning

Observations about Education and there influences Impacts on Student Learning
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Observations on Education and Impacts in Student Learning


Over the past decades, education has been perceived to be the key success in life.
Generally, people have stressed on the significance of having good teachers in order for their
children to get proper education. However, there are many factors which attributes to failures and
success in an education system. These factors may include; the student’s backgrounds which
may affect learners in a positive or a negative way as far as the learning process is concerned. It
can be noted that some people argue that success of a learner is directly proportional to the life
they live at home, however this is not the case. Student’s education can as well be controlled by
the family background, parenting care and the race. Therefore, this paper will validate how the
family background can influence the success of a student.
Most people are of the opinion that students’ background can either assist or destroy them
as far their education is concerned. According to Harris (2012) the pundit asserted that success is
directly proportional to the family background of a learner. He provides a case study of Urban
Assembly School for applied Math and Science where new teachers were assigned duties of
paying homage to students. During such visits, students were presented with...

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