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Below is a recap of a guest’s check-in experience.  Please list service errors/opportunities for improvement in bullet point format for each of the four interaction areas: 


At approximately 2:05 p.m., a guest arrived at the hotel driveway via taxicab.  When arriving at the taxicab lane, there were only two taxicabs ahead, and the traffic moved swiftly without congestion.  A doorperson was on duty at the taxicab line, expediting taxis for hotel guests.  There were two bell persons standing by the desk.

The guest settled the cab fare and the taxi cab driver retrieved the guest’s luggage escorting the guest to the hotel curbside.  By then, the guest noticed that there were four bell persons standing by the desk.  There was no doorperson on duty in the immediate front door area.


The guest proceeded to enter the front doors, with baggage, and located the Reception Desk.  On arrival, the guest noticed a staff member attired in a gray suit, who appeared to be a supervisor, who was standing in front of the reception counter.  The supervisor noticed the guest arriving with the luggage, approached, smiled, and said, “Checking In?”  the guest confirmed, and the supervisor made an open palm gesture and said, “Mary here will help you.”  The guest arrived at the respective counter and was immediately greeted by Mary with eye contact and a smile as she said, “Welcome!  How are you today?  May I have your last name?”  The guest gave the last name.

Mary accessed the computer and said, “You go by?” and thus announced the guest’s first name.  The guest confirmed, and Mary confirmed, “Is two beds okay?”  The guest agreed.  Mary then said, “Can I see some ID?”  The guest produced ID, and after checking the validity, Mary returned it back to the guest.

The guest inquired if the room had a view, and Mary said, “A view?  Oh, let me check,” and after a 10-second pause, she added, “You have a view of the Strip.  You have the credit card with you?”  The guest produced a credit card and handed it to Mary.  She accepted it, accessed the computer, and said, “You don’t have the American Express card that began with the numbers (states first four digits of American Express card given at the time the reservation was made)?  The guest indicated that the card was used to guarantee the reservation and indicated that payment would be made on the card provided.

Mary appeared to get an imprint of the credit card, and she handed the credit card back to the guest.  Mary then further accessed the computer and said, “One key or two keys?”  The guest requested two keys.  She then said, “You know the minibar, right, if you touch or move anything you’ll be charged, so be careful, okay?”

Mary then proceeded to present the guest with a preprinted registration form and confirmed the departure date, saying, “Check-out time on Sunday is at Noon, and I need your signature right here.”  The guest provided a signature and returned the registration form to Mary.  She then handed the guest an open key packet and said, “You are on the 15th floor, Room 39, you are right here,” as she pointed out the location the map.  While providing verbal directions, the route was also highlighted on the map.  In addition, she also handed the guest a printed map, saying, “This is for you, just in case you get lost.”

The guest extended thanks, and Mary said, “Thank you.”  The guest also asked for luggage assistance, and Mary said, “Just go the Bell Desk, they can help you with that.” 


The guest then collected the luggage and went over to the Bell Desk, which was attended by three bell persons, one of who was no engaged in guest services, who name badge read, “Robert”.  He noticed the guest and immediately said, “Good afternoon.”

The guest requested luggage assistance.  Robert confirmed the number of pieces of luggage and handed the guest a claim ticket, saying, “This is for you, and two pieces, and just give back to the bell person when he delivers the luggage.  Are you going up to your room now?”  The guest confirmed and extended a “thank you.”  Robert replied, “Thank you and welcome to ##.”


The guest arrived at the room following the directions provided by Mary at approximately 2:15 p.m.  At approximately 2:30 p.m., the guest responded to an announced knock on the door and encountered a bell person, whose name badge read “William”.  William stood at the doorway, leaving the luggage cart outside in the hallway.  He addressed the guest by last name, saying, “Hello, how are you?”

He then proceeded to enter the room with the large suitcase, and the smaller suitcase was placed on one of the beds.  The luggage cart was retrieved from the closet and positioned to the left of the armoire in front of the connecting door.  The luggage was positioned right side up, and while doing so, William asked, “Are you finding the room to your satisfaction?”  The guest confirmed.

He then proceeded to open the closet, mentioning the location of the safe deposit box and added, “the ice machine is down the hallway to your right.”  He also requested the the claim ticket for the luggage.

The guest extended a gratuity, and William said, “Thank you, enjoy,” and thus departed, closing the door behind him.

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Management Issues


Hotel management issues.


There is laxity on part of the reception employees evidenced by hanging out around the
bell desk unnecessarily. The guest had to carry their luggage from the curb-side, where
he alighted.

Hotel management should f...

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