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I am in need of Ashford OMM 640 Week 6 discussions only.  I had an unexpected elbow surgery coming up and need help with only these two assignments.  I already completed my final paper.

Can anyone help me out?

OMM 640 Week 6 Discussion 1

Read “Resolving Ethical
Business Challenges” in Chapter 10 of your text, and then address the following
points.  Support your response with evidence from the text. 

  • Discuss the corporate ethical issues of providing
         questionable products to other markets.


  • Discuss the suggestions submitted in the suggestions
         box in light of the decision that George must make. Should the suggestions
         have an influence?

  • Identify the pressures that have caused the ethical and
         legal issues in this scenario to arise.

Discussion 2

There is debate on whether or not health care is a universal right
that should be provided by governments.  In your discussion post, identify
the ethical, societal, and global issues involved in this debate.  Explain
the moral basis for your opinion on the topic, relating it to your fundamental
values and principles.  Distinguish this issue as a global ethical issue
or a business ethical issue.

Support your position with one or more article(s) from the Ashford
Library or other scholarly sources.


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