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What is coaching and what is mentoring? What are the differences between the two? How can you use these techniques to better your employees and develop them into our next leaders or high-performing employees? In addition, how can you as a leader, coach, and mentor look to employees in the organization for succession planning? If you get promoted or leave the organization, how would you coach, mentor, train individuals so they can further develop their talent to be your replacement or to advance in the company?

Research some articles and coaching and mentoring employees and elaborate on your findings.

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Coaching and mentoring analysis
Coaching refers to a process of development that aims to improve focus and performance
whereby an experienced person, referred to as a coach, supports individuals in achieving a
specific professional and personal goal by offering guidance and training. Mentoring, on the
other hand, refers to the process in which a more knowledgeable or experienced individual in a
particular field, referred to as a mentor, share skills, knowledge, and experiences, and guide a
less experienced person toward fulfilling their potential. The main difference between coaching
and mentoring is that coaching is often more performance-oriented, whereas coaching is more
development-oriented. Coaching aims to improve an individual's performance, while mentoring
aims to enhance both personal and professional growth and achievement (Madarasine szirmai
Andrea, 2019).
Mentoring aims to improve the ability to apply experiences, knowled...

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