2003 eclipse

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my car will not start sometimes out of nowhere and then i let it sit for a little while then it starts up just fine and will work for a few weeks to a month or so then do it all over again. last time i had the codes ran it gave me a camshaft sensor code. could that be the cause

Sep 21st, 2013
Yes it might be the cause as a camshaft sensor problem relates to the same problems you have mentioned please have a look at the below info

The camshaft position sensor measures the rotational position of the camshaft and transmits that information to the engine control computer.
a.Problems starting the car
b. Engine may shut off or die intermittently
c.Engine may misfire or hesitate on acceleration
d. Check Engine Light may illuminate


A camshaft position sensor code isn't always triggered by a defective camshaft position sensor. It can be triggered by other issues, such as a worn timing belt or timing chain, or a defective ignition module, crank shaft position sensor, or mass air flow sensor.
However if you find that the problem is with camshaft sensor
Whenever a camshaft position sensor is replaced, be sure to verify the alignment of the timing belt/chain to make sure there is no fluid leaking onto its mounting area
Always use a factory OEM camshaft position sensor and be sure to check for any relevant Technical Service Bulletins (TSB), necessary software updates, and re-calibration procedures

Sep 21st, 2013

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Sep 21st, 2013
Sep 21st, 2013
Mar 18th, 2018
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