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International Opportunities - Starbucks opened its first store in Tokyo, Japan in 1996, and today it operates 24,000 retail locations in 70 countries. The chain has grown exponentially during its lifetime and has aspirations to open 500 new stores per year in China through 2021.


In a two-page essay, answer the questions below and discuss the factors that influence how Starbucks determines optimal international opportunities. Your essay should use a 12 point font, be double spaced, and use APA formatting to cite references on the last page of your assignment. It should be submitted as a Word or PDF document.

Answer the following questions:

  • How does Starbucks identify basic appeal?
  • Explain the considerations that Starbucks has in assessing the national business environment of China as it expands. What are the cultural, political, and economic forces impacting their decision?
  • How does Starbucks measure and select the market site? Why do you think Starbucks chose China?
  • What are some of the steps Starbucks must take in selecting the market or site for their new locations?
  • What secondary and primary research do you think Starbucks uses in their evaluation?
  • What are some examples of other companies that you believe have similar opportunities for expansion in the global market? Why?

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International opportunities


How Starbucks identifies its basic appeal
Starbucks is an international company that deals with the production and marketing of
caffeine products. It has expanded into many countries and still wishes to expand more. It uses
its brand appeal to identify new customers and target them. To identify its basic appeal,
Starbucks utilizes the advertisement opportunity. While advertising, it uses appealing adverts
that satisfy many people. Starbucks understands its different customers and their willingness to
pay more for value, status, or quality. They appreciate the feeling acquired from a particular
product. This company deals with customers who are interested in purchasing caffeine
stimulants. Understanding this helps them customize their advertisements to suit th...

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