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Subject of the paper: Complete the file attached. Take into consideration all the elements below

  • Requirement: Read each of the instructions.
  • Download and complete the required Clarifying Research Worksheet under Templates below.
  • Review the Week 5 Assignment Tutorial (Links to an external site.) (Transcript (Links to an external site.)) which reviews your Week 5 Assignment. Tutorial may look slightly different session to session. Grading criteria and rubric will be the same.
  • Two or more supporting scholarly sources are required. Textbooks are not allowed and should not be used as a scholarly source. Use the Chamberlain Library to locate relevant, scholarly sources.
  • No more than two direct quotes are allowed. You should be using mostly your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the topics/criteria for this assignment. Citations and references must be included.
  • Submit the completed assignment on the Week 5: Assignment.

Other information: No plagiarism, No grammar errors


  • APA Format
  • No plagiarism is accepted
  • Only academic resources should be used, no older than 5 years old
  • Adhere to the requested number of words/pages
  • No Grammar errors ( refunds will be asked for incoherent/ full of grammar errors papers)

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Hi students, my name is Dr. Susan Thomas, course leader for NR439 and I would like to welcome you to a short tutorial reviewing your week five assignment. Your week 5 assignment is located in your week 5 module. If you scroll down to week 5 you will be able to click on your assignment here. The purpose for completing this assignment is to help you demonstrate your understanding of the different ways that we can conduct research to study our nursing problems, the many types of designs, and some various ways we can choose our samples, as well as how research helps to contribute to a credible nursing profession. This information will help you locate, find, read, and understand research studies that are available in our nursing literature. It will also help you be able to utilize findings to your particular nursing practice areas. During our week 4 and 5, we have learned there are two types of research which we can choose to use either a quantitative approach to study a problem or a qualitative approach. These are two ways we can study our nursing problems and once we have chosen our type of research, then we can select differing designs. We are learning during our week 5 about samples which we use to specifically select who will participate in a study. We learned there are differing sampling strategies which we can use with either the quantitative or qualitative type of research. I want you to know I designed this learning activity using our AACN standards of professional practice which requires a BSN to value evidenced-base practice and have knowledge of the fundamental elements of research, process, and design. The assignment directions and rubric are located under your week five assignment. It is essential that you read over the directions as these have key instructions and helpful hints to complete the scholarly worksheet. The week 5 worksheet is located here. Use the worksheet that is assigned in your session you are taking the course; assignment worksheets can change from session to session. I encourage you to read all the directions first, and then read over your grading rubric which is located beneath the assignment. Be sure that you are using your grading rubric to complete the required assignment. Your instructor will use the grading rubric to evaluate each of the criteria you will be completing. Try to use the first column which will help you capture all available points for that criteria. Using your own words demonstrates your individual learning and knowledge. Be sure you are using your own words to write about each element of the grading criteria. The grading criteria elements should be used as you prepare and write about each criteria again using your own words. Be sure you pay attention to instruction or direction #5; you are only to use or you can use two or more scholarly resources. Textbooks are not allowed. You cannot use any kind of textbook. Use your Chamberlain Library to locate current evidence to support your knowledge of each elements to help you write about your learning. Also, no more than two direct quotes, short direct quotes can be used; this is a scholarly worksheet which should consist of your words that demonstrates your knowledge of what you have learned about the content. If you use a resource, you must use an intext citation indicating the sentence that you used. Be sure you are fully citing the resource in the references list at the end of your worksheet; otherwise, it will not be considered a scholarly source if your instructor can not determine the source. The assignment is worth 225 points. I want to point out that you need to use scholarly writing, spelling, grammar, and complete sentences. To help with formatting or APA, you can find resources as well as writing assistance within your resources tab. I hope you enjoy this extremely valuable learning activity! It was created to help support your knowledge of how to utilize and value an evidence-based practice as a BSN. As always, please contact your NR439 instructor if you have any questions. Thank you for reviewing the short tutorial. Chamberlain College of Nursing NR439 Clarifying Research Worksheet Clarifying Research Worksheet Name: Date: Criteria Significance of Research Use your own words to summarize: a) the need for nursing research. b) the significance for all professional nurses (BSN) to understand the basic principles of research. c) why this course is important to complete. Quantitative Research Use your own words to summarize: a) quantitative research and what you learned about this type of research. b) one quantitative design that you learned; explain one important feature that helped you understand this design. c) the significance of this type of research and how it can be used to improve nursing practice problems. Qualitative Research Use your own words to summarize: a) qualitative research and what you learned about this type of research. b) one qualitative design that you learned; explain one important feature that helped you understand this design. c) the significance of this type of research and how it can be used to improve nursing practice problems. NR439 Clarifying Research Worksheet 7/2020 ST 1 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR439 Clarifying Research Worksheet Research Sampling Use your own words to summarize: a) what is sampling and why is sampling important. b) one sampling strategy you learned that can be used in quantitative research. Include what you learned. c) one other sampling strategy that you learned. Credible Nursing Profession Use your own words summarize: a) How does research help make nursing practice safe. b) Share a way you believe research has impacted nursing practice. c) Why is research critical for creating an evidencebased nursing profession. Utilization Use your own words summarize: a) how you plan to utilize your learning to make a difference in your practice. Use your current area of nursing or where you hope to work as a nurse. b) how you believe this course is meant to help you practice as a BSN. c) what you learned from completing the clarifying research worksheet activity. NR439 Clarifying Research Worksheet 7/2020 ST 2
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Clarifying Research



Significance of Research
The world's healthcare needs are rapidly changing, and keeping up with this dynamism
requires nursing research. Nurses are involved in their patients' daily direct care, pushing for the
need for the most efficient approaches and standardized procedures to improve patient care
through research (Fain, 2020). Research promotes evidence-based nursing care, which
incorporates nursing research with the professional experience and the patient's preference to
uncover the complexities of the patient's needs and the healthcare system variations. Research
helps professional BNS build a foundation of knowledge and provide the nurses with research
based-evidence guiding current and future nursing practice (Boswell & Cannon, 2018). This
research would help improve the quality of life, deliver quality healthcare services most
effectively, and effectively address patient safety. It is important to complete the course to be
well equipped with various nursing research methods to enhance nursing practice. Research can
also help nurses conduct successful research to gain insights on diseases, risk factors, and
develop intervention techniques to improve life (Fain, 2020).
Quantitative Research
Quantitative research is the collection and analysis numerical data to determine the
relationship between variables in a population for decision making. Qualitative research helps
describe, explain, and predict the behaviors of a given variable (Rutberg & ...

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