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Review the contents from Module 5-8. Submit a final paper to analyze how health information systems can improve patient-centered care. Relate the topics to your own experiences. Use at least 3 additional academic references. Your paper should be at least 1000 words, using APA style formatting. Include the following topics in your paper.

  1. How can the health information technologies (e.g., CPOE, telehealth, and telemedicine) be used for improving patient participation and promoting patient empowerment?
  2. How can these technologies be applied for reducing medical errors and adverse events.
  3. How can these technologies promote personalized medicine?
  4. What are the barriers and challenges of implementing these technologies?
  5. What are the strategies to overcome these barriers and meet the challenges?

Submit a final paper to analyze how Health Information Technology (HIT) can improve patient-centered care. SLOs, Elements of final paper.

  1. Identify information systems tools, techniques, and methodologies applicable to healthcare systems.
  2. Create a reporting and support process for healthcare decision-making based upon the research for question #1
  3. Design information policies to ensure consistency with the clinical, ethical, legal and financial requirements of healthcare institutions.
  4. Evaluate all aspects of the plan to utilize HIT to improve patient-catered care as designed in 1-3.

The Grading Rubric for this Final Project can be accessed here.

Week 5

Learning Objectives:

Evaluate how EHRs can improve patient participation.

Analyze how EHRs can be used for health outcomes research.

Determine the challenges of EHR observational studies and future potentials of EHRs

Week 6

This Week's Activities

Learning Objectives:

Determine the advantages of CPOE systems.

Assess how CPOE systems can be used for the prevention of ADEs.

Analyze the cost-effectiveness of implementing CPOE systems.

Week 7

This Week's Activities

Learning Objectives:

Determine how telehealth can benefit different types of care settings.

Analyze how telehealth can be applied for self-management support.

Assess the barrier to broad-scale application of theory-based telehealth delivery.

Week 8

This Week's Activities

Learning Objectives:

Evaluate the benefits of telemedicine.

Determine how telemedicine can help in acute care.

Analyze how health information technology can promote patient-centered care and personalized medicine.

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week 8 final paper Posted on: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 11:59:00 PM CDT Please be sure to use GU library, previous textbook and any past journals(required readings during the 8 weeks and discussion posts) to help generate answers - AND NOT PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. A paragraph should be 3 to 5 sentences. There should be in text citations and also an APA formatted page / Your paper should be at least 1000 words. Please do NOT use any previously used assignments(simply cutting and pasting previous assignments is not allowed) . Please use these headings and please review the instructions as well. Introduction Health Care Technologies & Promoting Patient Empowerment Technologies and Reducing Medical Errors and Adverse Events Technologies and Personalized Medicine Barriers and Challenges Tools, Techniques, and Methods Reporting and Support Process for Medical Errors and ADE Ethical, Legal and Financial Requirements Patient-Centered Care and HIT Conclusion References
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Healthcare Information Technology
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Technologies have found applications in almost every sector, including the healthcare
sector. Healthcare technologies are used in the collection of data, analysis, and also storing the
data. The usage of the technologies promotes personalized care since the focus of the
medications is on the specific issue affecting the patient. Recording the healthcare data also
minimizes errors since the physicians, and other relevant healthcare workers are held
accountable. Therefore, patient-centered care has emerged because of healthcare technologies
and has promoted better healthcare outcomes among patients.
Health Care Technologies & Promoting Patient Empowerment
Patient empowerment refers to emerging situations where the citizens are being
encouraged to be active in managing their health increasingly. The emergence of healthcare
technologies has allowed patients to increase their involvement in managing their health.
Healthcare technologies have brought new ways of connecting patients and healthcare providers
and increasing information that patient’s access. Calvillo, Roman & Roa (2015) says that web
services like web pages, remote data access, and interactive portals have revolutionized patient
empowerment. Other technologies, such as social media, discussion forums, and blogs, have
empowered patients by providing information and enabling them to discover healthy living
Technologies and Reducing Medical Errors and Adverse Events
Medication errors have harmed millions of Americans, with thousands dying each year
due to medical errors. Pham et al. (2012) assert that about 98,000 Americans die annually
because of medical errors. These deaths are preventable with the correct usage of technologies as



prevention medication has become a priority in the recent past. One technology that has
minimized medical errors is bar-coding systems. Pham et al. (2012) say that the technology has
eliminated transcription errors and this has reduced cases of medical errors relate...

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