an essay about fashion piracy

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 Hi, I need your help this time:D

In an essay of 700 – 1,000 words, explain the controversy over 

design piracy in the fashion industry, and give your opinion on 

the issue. Base on the TEDx video and two attached passages. Use the examples and opinions from the passages and spread your own ideas.

It is due on the coming Tuesday.  September 24. So please give the essay to me before Tuesday, Is that OK?

Hers's the Goals of the assignment:

-An effective thesis statement (that passes the ‘so what’ test)


a. Logical order

b. Follow your theme and CI

c. Consistency of person and number


- Integration of class materials

- Improvement on specified language points

PS: I have heard that u have done lots of fantastic works, and please pay attention to the logic and the organization of the whole passage and use more transition sentences, break the paragraphs and paraphrase the sentences from the given materials. 

Thanks a lot and I really appreciate it.


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