just few questions about account but its due in 1 hour

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There are only few questions just finish it asap ill send pickture to you through here.

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The adjusted value of COGS was The depreciation expense was The interest income was The net income was The post-closing value of Retained earnings was Cash $10,000 Accounts Receivable 3.000 Prepaid Rent 2.100 Inventory 2.900 Equipment 18,000 Accumulated depreciation $1,100 Accounts Payable 900 Notes Payable 12.000 Interest Payable Salaries Payable Unearned Revenue 4.600 Common Stock 7,200 Retained Earnings 1000 Dividends ? Sales Revenue 17.500 COGS 4,520 Salaries Expense 2,200 Rent Expense 500 Depreciation Expense Interest Expense Loss on fire
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