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BUAD 236 Okanagan College Chart of Accounts and Entering Inventory Essay

buad 236

Okanagan College


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I’m stuck on a Accounting question and need an explanation.

This assignment need to use quick book 2020. I have some video to help you to finish it.

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Delish Fine Catering 104 - 1856 Kishmeer Road Kelowna, BC V1W 8X8 Bill To: BC Digital Marketing Professionals Address: 55964 Almond Way P: 250-555-5656 F: 250-555-8989 Email: Phone: 250-555-1478 Invoice #: 20XX - 1001 Invoice Date: 10/05/20XX Unit Price Price Kelowna BC V1W 1N2 Notes: Annual Conference Item # Description Qty 1040 Dinner - Surf and Turf - Buffet - Stuffed Chicken Breasts 125 $ 40.95 $ 5,118.75 4090 Wine with Dinner Option - Classic 125 12.00 1,500.00 9000 Server - per hour charge 12 25.00 300.00 6000 Centrepiece - Elegance 16 10.00 160.00 Thank you for your business! GST #: 197086058RT0001 Net 30 days. Mastercard, Visa and cheque accepted Make all cheques payable to Delish Fine Catering Ltd. Invoice Subtotal GST $ 5.00% 353.94 Deposit TOTAL © 2020 Mary Ann Knoll 7,078.75 $ 7,432.69 ...
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