Directional Terms Assignment 5

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Compare and contrast the three body planes.  Utilize appropriate terminology when applicable, for example:  anterior and posterior

Oct 8th, 2014

  1. Body planes - refer to any slice or cut through a three-dimensional structure allowing us to visualize relationships between those parts. CT and MRI technology use these principles.

    1. Sagittal: divides the body or organ vertically into right and left

      unequal parts: words used with the sagittal plane include-

      medial, lateral, proximal and distal.

    2. Midsagittal: divides the body or organ vertically into equal right

      and left parts

    3. Frontal/ Coronal: a vertical plane dividing the body or an organ

      into anterior (front) and posterior (back) sections.

    4. Transverse: a horizontal plane dividing the body or an organ

      into superior (upper) and inferior (lower) sections.

IV. Body Directions

  1. Superior – upper, or above something

  2. Inferior – lower, or below something

  3. Anterior or Ventral – front, in front of

  4. Posterior– After, behind, following, toward the rear

  5. Medial – Toward the mid-line, middle, away from the side

  6. Lateral – toward the side of the body - away from the mid-line

  7. Proximal – toward or near the trunk of the body, near the point

    of attachment to the body

  8. Distal – Away from, farther from the origin or attachment to the


  9. Dorsal: Near the upper surface, toward the back

  10. Ventral: Toward the bottom, toward the belly

  11. Rostral: Toward the front

  12. Cranial-referstotheheadofthebody

  13. Caudal – means tail end

  14. Internal – inside the body 

Oct 8th, 2014

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Oct 8th, 2014
Oct 8th, 2014
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