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Q1 - In the Renaissance, we often saw an even use of light - with soft lines outlining figures and a sense of stillness - in the Baroque everything changes - and most obviously, dramatic contrasts of light and dark!  Let's use this thread to look at examples  of this and to think about how and why the use of light changes how we see the subject.  Here we see DaVinci's High Renaissance Last Supper compared to the Baroque Tintoretto's Last Supper(in the files) - obviously religious subjects continue to dominate - but how specifically does the Baroque style reinterpret this subject?

Q2 -  In some ways, the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque reminds us of how the classical Greek style gave way to the Hellenistic, with both emotion and movement becoming increasingly important - notice the difference between Michelangelo's David and Bernini's baroque David. What key baroque characteristics transform this still popular figure? How is this different than the Renaissance characteristics seen in Michaelangelo's David? How is it the same?

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