POL 310 MCAD History of Human Catching Blue Fin Tuna & Artificial Reproduction Essay

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POL 310

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How to rescue blue fine tuna and bring the population back. Artificial reproduction. The limitation of artificial reproduction. How to change the situation (overfishing )

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15 October 2020
Question 1
Fame and tranquility can never be bedfellows
Argument for
Montaigne takes on a theme that has been debated since the ancient times in his essay, "on
solitude." The debate has been on the intellectuals and the moral dangers that they pose when
living among others in relation to the value of solitude. In this case, Montaigne isn't stressing on
the benefits that are resulting from the physical solitude; he is rather developing on the idea of
resisting temptations to the mindless fall in the actions and opinions of the mob. He therefore,
compares the desire that people have for the approval by other fellow humans to being attached to
the material possessions and wealth (Weiss 989). Notably, he relates that both of these possessions
diminish us even though he doesn’t conclude that we should relinquish others, humans should seek
cultivation from the detachment of the material p...

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