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Pretend you work for a paper supply company in Scranton, PA. The HR manager, Toby, gives you a list of potential performance indicators for salespeople with a request for adding or removing measures for an upcoming validation study for a new performance management system. You notice that all the measures all focus on sales data, particularly in terms of sale quantity (number of sales/orders) and customer service quality measures (i.e., number of customer complaints and compliments). Write an email explaining (1) what other measures—with specific examples—might be good to include for this position and (2) why some measures on the current list might pose some problems or limitations.

A good response will typically take about 1 - 1.5 pages, formatted to look like a professional email (you can find templates via Google). This can be considered a professional communication, so writing quality counts. A rubric for grading is below (15 pts total).

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Performance Measures Email

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October 18, 2020


Performance Measures Email
RE: Performance Measure Assessment for the Salespersons
Hello Toby,
Based on the performance measures provided earlier, I recommend that we add customer
acquisition costs. The measure will determine the cost that the company uses to acquire a new
customer. Therefore, the assessme...

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