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Your second concert report is weighted slightly more than your first to give you a chance to improve on anything that needs improvement.

Since live concerts are definitely not an option right now and won't be for at least as long as the shelter in place order lasts, we are going to have to rely on either pre-recorded concerts or live streamed ones. Fortunately, many orchestras, groups, clubs, and theaters are offering free access to these types of concerts so finding a concert that interest you shouldn't be very difficult. Links to some of them are below. Please share others that you find.

There really is no substitute for seeing live music. It's not just the sound, or the acoustics, or some nostalgia for the way things used to be. Seeing music performed live and in person, with your own eyes, in the same room, and with other people is a fundamentally different thing than watching a recording or live stream through a screen being beamed in from miles away. We are just starting to study and get a glimpse of the neurology and physiology behind it, but there are definitely different things happening in us when we are a part of a performance in person. And being in the audience absolutely makes you a very important part of the performance. Here's an article (Links to an external site.) that talks about some of the things we're discovering.

So when this crisis has passed, which it most assuredly will, I urge and encourage you to go and see live music. Lots of it. And all different kinds. Life is too beautiful to not explore new things or to limit yourself to one or a couple of styles of music. That's like only eating one kind of food.

When you are watching your recorded or live streamed concerts please listen to them on the best speakers you have available to you. Phone and laptop/desktop speakers are really not very good, especially when it comes to listening to music. So whether it's a decent set of headphones, your home entertainment speakers, or your car speakers please use the best you have available and enjoy! I look forward to reading your thoughtful reflections, educated critiques, and cunning witticisms.

Instructions and Format

Attend a live streamed or prerecorded JAZZ concert. Concerts attended that do not feature jazz music will not be accepted. Then write a concert response, consisting of at least 2 full pages of 12-point double-spaced type. Don't use any of those grade school tricks to make your paper seem longer (large margins, strange spacing, large fonts, etc., etc., etc.) The response will be in essay form. Performances need to be by professional or college level ensembles. Thoroughly proofread the paper. Having someone else - a friend, family member, housemate, etc. - proofread your paper can be extremely helpful as well. The SJSU writing center (Links to an external site.) also has tutors and many other resources to help you improve your writing.

In addition to whatever you feel is significant to say about your experience, you must also list:

  1. the instruments that were played
  2. review at least 3 songs
  3. the performers names
  4. the time
  5. the date
  6. the venue
  7. the price of the event
  8. a detailed account of your personal impressions of the music (what you liked and disliked about it and why).
  9. Discuss the type of rhythm, style, tempo, form, meter, melody, and improvisation to the best of your listening ability.

Here are a few websites that are either live streaming concerts or offering archival concerts. This list is by no means exhaustive. There are numerous colleges, theaters, concert halls, clubs, and other venues around the world that are live streaming or offering archival concerts music performances. You have many, many options. If you are unsure whether or not a concert you are interested in is acceptable for a response, please send me an email.

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Concert Report 2


Concert Report 2

The selected jazz concert for this assignment is the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with
Wynton Marsalis. The event was held on September 24, 2015, to celebrate Dave Brubeck’s
music. It took place at the Rose Theater with special theatrical arrangements that mimicked
Brubeck's life scope and breadth (Jazz at Lincoln Center, 2015). He is a legendary figure in jazz
history that is acknowledged for introducing the genre into media 1950s. Brubeck's first album
sold over a million copies across the world.
The concert utilizes a wide range of instruments. Saxophones, a flute, a piano, and drums
are sufficiently used to introduce the first song. The first presented song is Unsquare Dance
(2.14-74.2). The song is introduced by claps and a ...

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