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“The beginning of European settlement of the Americas from 1492 was marked by an extensive demand for labor. As the assigned class readings and film documentaries show, the earliest forms of labor involved both coerced labor and forms of indentured servitude that utilized the work of Europeans, Native Americans and African peoples. By the late 1600s, this fluid labor arrangement became more restrictive and formalized, with a form of racially (African) based slavery imposed in North America. What factors contributed to this development? How and why did this transformation occur?”  

Write a 5 page paper that addresses the question posed above. In your response, be sure to base your claims on materials read in the assigned readings (you do not need to read additional sources for this assignment.)     

All papers should be stapled, follow standard grammar, punctuation and citation methods. 

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Slavery in North America




Factors that Lead to Slavery in North America
Black slave trade became into prominence when there was a decline in the indentured
servants, a workforce that was disease resistant was required to take over the jobs and laborers
that were easily manageable were requested by the government of North America. The
combination of social, economic and geographic factors also contributed to the increase of
slavery due to race in America.
Geographic Location
Changing climate played an exemplary role in increasing the number of black Americans
in the country. The conditions of the farms were mostly humid and hot hence the whites needed
workers who would be able to work on this plantations. Because the slaves from West Africa had
well adapted to the hot and humid climate, they would not have any problem in working at the
farms. The owners of the lands wanted people who would be continuously resistant to diseases
such as smallpox and malaria. Slavery started at a low speed in the North during the colonial
period. The total number of Africans who were imported into the country did not exceed five
percent of the total population. Due to the geographical location of the country, Africans would
quickly be brought to the country with easy and were able to access through traveling models
that were available. Some of the slaves who were brought to the country were better suited to the
climate. Some great personnel had a different opinion on carrying out slavery. Many of the
slaves who had migrated to North America were always working on agricultural farms. Due to
the geographic factor in the country, more than twenty thousand slaves were able to move from
many African states most Northern colonies devised a process of emancipating slavery.
Gradually children from slave mothers in the country would remain in servitude for a period of



time which was estimated to be twenty-eight years because of the large population that was
coming into the country annually.
Social Factors
The dawn of American slavery was expanding rapidly too many parts of the country
within the North American Empire. Many social factors such as such as marriage, participation
in the war, trading, religion and functions such as the search for education played a significant
role in the initiation of slavery in the country.
When the whites moved to African nations, they would be able to integrate with the
African women and men who would finally enter into the relationship and eventually end up
marrying each other. Those who agreed to be committed in the relationship would eventually
move from their motherland country. Unfortunately, some of the migrants were turned out to be
slaves when they were convinced to move from their native countries. The workers ended up
being owned by other people and would forcefully work without their consent or agree with the
Participating in War
The European nations mostly engaged in a continuous war that would not be able to end.
They needed to train their military forces that would be high enough in fighting and helping the
country from being attacked by the external enemies. Northern America wanted to be one of the
superpowers but was facing strong opposition from countries such as Spain and France. The
need for reliable people who would have the braveness and strength of working was extremely



needed. The whites were not able to work for themselves hence decided to capture some people
from the outside continent more specifically from Africa who would play a fundamental role in
boosting their military forces. Young and old African men were forcefully captured and then
integrated into the army camp and were made to participate in the war of defending their
country. They finally ended up being killed, and so...

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