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1.Trade Policies for the Developing Nations

Articles are to be selected from the business press.The article should be no more than 3 months old.Article selection must be made CAREFULLY – the topic of the article ymust tie with our assigned topic (Trade Policies for the Developing Nations).The summary of the article should not go beyond one paragraph (about 5 sentences.) The article summary must be in your own words, not duplicated from the article.Please also provide an opinion of the article or discuss what makes it important or interesting. A cover page for this assignment is not necessary, but you must include a cited link in APA format to the article.

2What do you think the primary role of the government should be?

Is it just to protect your liberties--from other people inhibiting your rights? The government should focus on keeping other people from interfering in your self-actualization. This is a focus on negative rights. Think the Bill of Rights which is not about what the government can do for you, it is about how the government and others should leave you alone. This is the position of the right.


Is it also to help you get what you need to live a good life? The government should protect our liberties but it should also coordinate a basic redistribution of wealth to ensure that everyone is taken care of (this is predominately done through taxation). This is a focus on negative AND positive rights. Think socialism and the idea that the government shouldn't just be there to protect you from others, it should also be there to distribute goods and help the vulnerable and those in need. This is the position of the left.

What is the government there for? How much would your ideal government be involved in positive rights?

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Question 1

The selected article is by the World Trade Organization discussing trade aid to
developing countries. COVID-19 pandemic has hindered developing countries from participating
in world trade. The decline can be attributed to production chain disrupti...

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