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  1. Topic- Early Childhood Education
  1. Locate five sources that will be helpful in the research of your final paper. You're going to submit these sources in the form of an annotated bibliography. "Annotation" is another word for "notes." Using APA formatting, write the name of the source. Directly below the source, write an annotation of approximately 100-125 words. In the following links you will find some examples of annotated bibliographies.
  2. The topics are structured to guide you to take a position, but to make it a strong thesis, you'll need to add the three reasons that support your position, whether it's structured as will/won't, is/isn't, should/shouldn't, etc. If you'd like to reframe a given topic to fit a claim of policy, think about what should (or shouldn't) be done regarding it.

Here are some resources for an annotated bibliography:

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Topic: Early Childhood Education
Title: The Montessori Method is/is not beneficial for learning
Part 1: Annotations
Cuma, F. İ. (2013). Project-based learning in teaching with the DAF Montessori method.
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 70, 1901-1910.
The article examines active and creative learning ways including sensory perceptions
from the perspective of childhood education. This involves individual learning techniques and
other childhood learning methods. The author explores the positive use of the Montessori
Method, as a fine method that emphasizes incorporating all sense channels. The author gives a
case teaching languages, where the method is best preferred. Using the Montessori Method to
teach languages, it is easier to develop an appropriate method of language instruction, which
makes creative, motivating, and creative learning procedures. The article explains how the
Montessori Method uses interactive learning procedure, one of its advantages, to increase the
quality of learning in childhood education and especially for the young children learning new
foreign languages.
Morrison, G. S. (2007). Early childhood education today. Chicago, U.S: Kevin M. Davis.
The article explores the current situation of early childhood education and the high

demand for quality childhood program. Par...

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