Suicide Terrorism as a Government Tactic Comparative Essay

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Compare and contrast two explanations for the
rise in suicide terrorism as a tactic. Provide arguments and counterarguments to support/critique each explanation

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Title: Suicide Terrorism as a Tactic
Thesis: This paper looks to provide two explanations for the rise in suicide terrorism as a
tactic and compares both arguments altogether.

A. Terrorism
B. Brief facts about suicide terrorism


The body
A. The first explanation
1. Making significant political statements
2. Suicide terrorists as the weaker opponents
3. Victory to the weak opponent and loss to the more significant opponents
B. Second explanation
1. Suicide terrorism less costs

Flexible movement


No escape plans and rescue missions

2. Ability to utilize fatal techniques

Suicide vests


Driving cars into target buildings

C. Differences
1. Political difference
D. similarity



Suicide Terrorism as a Tactic
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Suicide Terrorism as a Tactic

Terrorism hails among the most aggravated and ruthless institutions. Terrorists are
always fighting a particular war, political, economic, and most commonly spiritual wars. The
majority of people do not know that acts of Terrorism are not just arbitrary or hysterical.
Instead, they often are carefully stipulated and well planned (Hoffman, 2006). Suicide
terrorism employs the technique where an attacker carries out a mission where they kill many
people when they die. It is the most aggressive form of Terrorism since it includes the death
of one of the members, often to a more significant cause. Suicidal bombings and attacks
appear to be fast rising as a tactical approach to political attacks. For example, the Palestinian
terrorists used suicide bombings to drive Israel out of Gaza and the West Bank (Freedman et
al., 2005, p.345). The liberation tigers also implemented the tactic to get the Sri Lankan
government to accept Tami...

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